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Old friend pts today

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krasnayaplats · 11/04/2014 22:34

He was nearly 17 (as far as we know - he was a rescue cat) and I had had him since 1999. Had come back more or less from the dead 9 months ago when treated for severe hyperthyroid. When that was diagnosed they also found a liver tumour which had not been growing fast. He became ill overnight and vet was clear it was the liver problem as tumour had now grown and nothing to be done. I know he had a good innings but am feeling sad and worried other cat willie lonely

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 11/04/2014 22:36

So sorry, krasnaya. Sad

Is the other cat reacting to his absence yet?

timtam23 · 11/04/2014 22:57

Really sorry krasnaya Thanks

I had to have my 18 yr old cat PTS last year and it was very difficult even though I knew she'd had a long & happy life with me

If it's any comfort, my other cat didn't really notice she'd gone

krasnayaplats · 11/04/2014 23:00

Thank you. No, other cat fine so far.

OP posts:
Megbeth · 18/04/2014 08:46

So sorry, thinking of you. We bought a rose when our 15 year old died 17 mths ago. I have her picture done on a canvas of her curled up in her basket. I still really miss her.
Hope you are ok.

dolphinsandwhales · 18/04/2014 16:04

So sorry, thinking of you Thanks I just had my elderly cat pts this week as well, it's heartbreaking.

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