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The litter tray

Thinking of bathing the cat.... help!

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ArrivedAtPanicStation · 10/04/2014 21:36

She has long furr, she always keeps herself well groomed, I only have to run through her hair once a week with a brush to remove any tangles.

Last night she must have used the litter tray... and got a dingleberry... then spent most of the night licking to try and remove it.

This morning I cut it off but now she's smelly Sad

SO..... to bath or not to bath? I have no cat shampoo either, so what would I use?

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 10/04/2014 21:41

Have you got a mild shampoo? It can't be nice for her to have cleaned up her own poo.

bonzo77 · 10/04/2014 21:41

I bathed a cat once. He had got into the outside bin and was covered in bin juice. Used washing up liquid as that was what I had to hand. Wear rubber gloves, easier to get a grip. Also long sleeves (and a full face motor cycle helmet or fencing mask if you have one!) because he ripped me to shreds. I'd be tempted to try to do it with a flannel or a Spanish shower.

Martorana · 10/04/2014 21:44

Don't do it. Brush her, make sure you've got rid of any clinging poo, then leave her to get on with it.

Wolfiefan · 10/04/2014 21:48

I tried to rinse mine off in the bath once (long hair and pooh around bottom). Tried the shower. She hooked her claw through the flesh on my arm and I nearly had to pull a chunk out of my arm to free her. Bloody hurt!
For future dingleberries... comb them out. They don't squash into the fur and leave a stinky bum.

ArrivedAtPanicStation · 10/04/2014 21:50

She is pretty nervy, she trusts me, but she has never had a bath before... I'm also going out tomorrow night and don't want to be covered in lacerations.

Might leave her till I get back and see how smelly she is then...

She's clean, just smelly. Ugh.

OP posts:
Wolfiefan · 10/04/2014 21:54

Perhaps some time outside in the fresh air?!
It's got to be better than Febreeze? Grin

AnotherSpinningFuckingRainbow · 10/04/2014 22:02

Wrap her in a towel so she can't claw you to pieces. Then use a soapy flannel to wash her rear end.

EnlightenedOwl · 12/04/2014 08:30

No it will distress her. You can get dry shampoos for cats from the usual places and this would freshen her without applying water.

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