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Indoor cats

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tigerdriverII · 01/04/2014 22:08

I've had cats all my life but they are always outdoor cats. My DM is a cat lover too, she is elderly, and is thinking about getting another cat, but is unnecessarily worried about traffic etc, other cats and so on. However a cat would be a great companion for her. Some of her local cat sanctuaries rehome "indoor cats", and specify that this is ideal for the elderly owner. I have zippo experience of the indoor cat: does anyone think this is feasible? Would the cat not want to go out? And what if the door is left open? Any thoughts welcome!

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 01/04/2014 22:13

We had an indoor cat who had zero interest in going out, if you said to the shelter that you want a cat who doesn't want to go out they'd find you one or a pair of them.

cozietoesie · 01/04/2014 22:15

There are loads of cats who are happy with an indoor life - eg cats who are elderly, have a problem such as impaired sight or a missing limb, etc. They would be fine as long as they have plenty of company and room to live.

There are practical considerations though. How big is your DM's house and is she ambulant enough to cope with cleaning a litter tray or two. What about feeding and watering? (Changing bowls etc) And does she have a lot of people around all the time who might leave doors open?

cozietoesie · 01/04/2014 22:17

PS - my own current boy has been indoor all his life and is a happy lad.

Hobby2014 · 01/04/2014 22:21

I have an indoor cat. He gets more attention and love than an outdoor cat. He has wandered out the front door before, and me not noticing closed the door, within seconds he was scratching at the door to get back in. I wouldn't leave the door open with him able to get out though, because he would try his luck, but he tries his luck with anything, that's his personality, he'll try eating off my dinner place whilst I'm eating or drinking from my glass, or sleeping on my face etc he pushes his luck with everything, so I don't think he wants to go out, like I say, he had the option and came back.
He's a perfectly healthy and fit cat.
And he's a great companion. X

Corygal · 01/04/2014 22:23

Mr Cory, my fat tabby friend, is an indoor cat. He has FIV. He loves it, and the mechanics are no trouble at all. The shelter - Mr C came from Battersea - tell you whether cats are indoor or not.

All you need is a covered litter tray, a few tinkly balls and the right servant attitude, and you have a friend for life. Even better, your DM might have room for two indoor cats, double happiness.

tigerdriverII · 01/04/2014 22:33

Hello all. Thank you for your replies, this is really encouraging.

cozietoesie - good points. DM should be fine, the house is a reasonable size and she had a couple of dogs until recently so I'm sure she could cope with a cat, in fact would need less looking after as no walkies!

Really interested to hear how indoor cats behave - this does seem to be what the shelters are talking about, I just wasn't sure if the reality was likely to live up to it

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 01/04/2014 22:37

If she's fine to look after the physical side then there should be no real problems. An indoor cat who is young and, say, stuck in one room with no interaction or fun is a very different case from a cat who has daylong friendship and cuddles and room to move around safely. Sounds perfect for her.

BadgersRetreat · 02/04/2014 21:10

I live in Canada and most people here have their cats indoors all the time. The vets recommend it, and it's actually an offence for your cat to be 'at large' ie off your property.

Lots of toys seems to be a winner, and we have a scratch post on every level too.

Our older one does go out a bit when we are there, and I expect the kitten will too. We'll have to build a fence to keep them in at the new house when the snow's melted. But they have not been out for 6 months and are doing fine!

GoatsHaveStrangeEyes · 02/04/2014 21:15

I have an indoor cat. She is a british shorthair though and the breed personality suits to being indoors really.

She has a huge scratch post which she loves (cheap off eBay) and keeps her claws down. I do have children that are constantly playing with her but most of the time she can be found snoozing on my bed. She follows me round everywhere.

She has never ever had an accident in the house. I can trust her anywhere which was important to me as I had a cat before who would wee and poo everywhere.

Love her Smile

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