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Annual health check

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Nojustalurker · 25/03/2014 21:01

We have had our cat Mcgonagall for approx 3 years now and think he is nearly 9 yrs. just received a letter through the post from vets of a reminder of his annual vaccination and check up. There is a leaflet included about a well pet health screen, blood tests, costing £39.20.

Do you think he needs blood tests?

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 25/03/2014 21:03

I wouldn't bother if he seems perfectly fine. His teeth need checking at least annually now he's getting older, but I can't really see the point of blood tests unless you think there may be some sort of problem.

Nojustalurker · 25/03/2014 21:09

He does sometimes have a poo ey bum. Maybe I should get it done. He is my first cat and i am very Pfb with him.

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 25/03/2014 21:54

Well if it reassures you that's probably £36 well spent:)

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