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The litter tray

They pick their moments...

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FushandChups · 15/03/2014 22:10

My cat is quite anti-social - definitely not a lap cat, hates being picked up, bites as soon as look at you (although is a sweetheart despite all of that!)

She is currently sat squarely on my lap in bed when I've just remembered i have a load in the washing machine that i really need to put out before it goes smelly. But she never and i mean NEVER does this and I totally don't want to disturb her, she's all warm and purry! Why tonight?

(am wondering if me hanging the washing out in the sunshine tomorrow will make any 'overnight in the machine' smell go away?)

OP posts:
AuditAngel · 15/03/2014 22:20

You can always re-wash the load. Savour the moment.

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