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The litter tray


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sexypantsformum · 04/03/2014 19:05

family cat has fleas! for the first time ever. i have been reguarly treating him but obvs the treatment is no longer working.
ive been and got new treatment, and begun the cleaning process, spraying kill stuff, lots of hoovering. what else do i need to do? ive never been in this position before!

OP posts:
Mogz · 04/03/2014 19:44

What treatment we you using? I find that only Advocate or Frontline works these days.
Spray everything, Hoover the next day, wait a week and repeat, then again. Hot wash for cushion covers and bedding.
If it doesn't work your local council should offer a pest extermination service.
Little buggers aren't they?

cozietoesie · 04/03/2014 19:49

Does your cat go outside at all and maybe hole up in a garage or shed ? In olden days we had a cat who had a daytime bed of old sacks in the potting shed. Unfortunately, when he wasn't there, a bunch of flea-ridden neighbourhood toms used to go there also.

If he goes out and has a bolthole with a blanket or something, do that also.

sexypantsformum · 04/03/2014 21:14

we have got advocate.
he goes in and out all day long!

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 04/03/2014 21:20

Advocate is a good one, and certainly better than Frontline. So is Advocate what you were using that appears to be no longer working or what you are using now?

sexypantsformum · 04/03/2014 21:21

i was using frontline, had treated him under a month ago. switched to advocate now.

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 04/03/2014 21:23

Ah, that's it then. Yes I'm afraid Frontline is losing it's effectiveness as fleas are becoming resistant to the formula. So yes, Advocate is the way to go, and for the house spray use Acclaim or Indorex.

sexypantsformum · 04/03/2014 21:25

so is it a basic job of keep cleaning and hoovering?

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 04/03/2014 21:45

Hoover like mad, paying particular attention to edges of carpets/floors/skirting boards and cracks - eg between floor boards. (Those are also good places to direct the Indorex when you spray.) But hoovering is your big friend - I'd do it both before and after spraying.

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