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Found a Cat in the Shed

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Amylea24 · 29/01/2014 17:30

I Found a cat that has been sleeping in my shed for what looks like a while now :( I've spoken to the local animal shelters so they know the cat is here & I've posted photo's on the local facebook and asked at the shops but not luck so far. We are now feeding the cat but the cat doesn't like being in the house however the cat will come into my kitchen but doesn't like having the door shut. We are taking the cat to the vets tomorrow morning at 9.30 to check for a mircochip and a check up. How can I make this cats life better when she or he is with us? I've started feeding the cat twice a day and I've put a big cushion and bedding in the shed.

Also i'm not sure what happens if there is no chip?

OP posts:
chandlery · 29/01/2014 18:02

Perhaps you should rename this thread... "I have been adopted by a sociopathic serial killer and he has brainwashed me to provide his every need, what can I do to make him feel more important"

Sorry, that wasn't hugely helpful, but I guess that if you dont mind him lodging and feeding and he hasn't got a chip then you've got yourself a new cat. Without a chip he could go to the local rescue.

Poor lamb, does he seem house friendly, will he be petted etc?

GinSoakedMisery · 29/01/2014 18:04

Grin Chandlery

I think you're doing ok so far Op. If the cat won't come inside, nothing more you can do.

chandlery · 29/01/2014 18:04

Sorry, also does he seen game for playing with toys, bit of string etc? He could be a bit feral and might suit an agricultural environment more.

Fluffycloudland77 · 29/01/2014 18:14

Have you got a hot water bottle you can give him overnight? It's going to get cold soon.

Free cat!.

Amylea24 · 29/01/2014 19:42

Grin Chandlery

The cat has been nicknamed Hogwarts by us, Hogwarts is a black cat and is very friendly. I had to earn the cats trust it took a week for the cat come anywhere near me and now Hogwarts will sit on my lap and will follow me down the road Grin.Hogwarts doesn't like people that he or she doesn't know. Is friendly with my 7 month old cat.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 29/01/2014 20:29

You name it you own it. Unless its chipped with a contactable owner Grin

chandlery · 29/01/2014 21:26

Welcome to the world of cat ownership. May your whiskers be washed, may your fur be sleek.

Amylea24 · 30/01/2014 10:00

UPDATE: "Hogwarts" was a male & mirco chipped, is now at the local vet. We are going to get a second cat.

OP posts:
chandlery · 30/01/2014 10:06

Well, someone is going to be very thankful to you that they have their cat back now. Well done OP even though you must feel a little sad.

GinSoakedMisery · 30/01/2014 14:29

Glad she has a home, his owner must be so greatful that you found him and cared for him.

thecatneuterer · 30/01/2014 15:06

I presume the vet will let you know if they are unable to contact the owners or the owners no longer want him? It's great that you have been able to reunite him though.

Do you have a good rescue centre near you where you can go to be chosen by your new cat master/mistress?

issey6cats · 30/01/2014 16:08

second the catneuterer if hes reunited with his owner he was a sign that you need to go to your local rescue center and find a nice male black cat or kitten :)

timtam23 · 30/01/2014 20:46

That's such a nice thing you've been able to do for the cat Amylea, I hope you manage to find a lovely 2nd cat of your own Smile

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