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I hate humans at times

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HarpyFishwifeTwat · 29/01/2014 15:11

We adopted two beautiful girls 8 months ago (after our boy was killed by a car). They've had a really horrible start to life, were rescued by the RSPCA from a home of 30+ cats, all of which had cat flu and more of 20 of them had to be put down. One of the girls is relatively friendly and will let us stroke her and is a daddy's little princess but the other one still won't let us touch her even after 8 months. Friendly girl though still cries quite pathetically sometimes when you approach her and runs away terrified.

I just bloody hate humans and how we treat these harmless wee creatures.

End of rant.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 29/01/2014 15:26

sadly this is happening more and more (wonders if they were put down to save costs as being the rspca tends to do this) at least your two have a loving home furever now, one of my cats is timid even 7 years after adopting him as a small kitten and hes never been ill treated in his life some cats are bolshy (like his sister) and some cats arent

janeyjampot · 29/01/2014 15:35

I have an adopted stray who is mostly loving but occasionally unpredictable. He takes unexpected dislikes to people and reacts badly if taken by surprise. I guess both of those things could be symptoms of having been treated badly. Certainly when he turned up in our garden he was filthy and starving. It took us 8 months to gain his trust with daily meals before we were able to catch him and get him to the vet.

My point is that yes, he has been badly treated, but now he has a lovely life. He's the centre of attention, has all the food and attention he could want. People can be bad but people can be good too! When I read this topic I'm always touched by how kind people are, both to cats turning up and to people concerned about their cats.

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