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The litter tray

3 month old rescue kitten

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DrankSangriaInThePark · 26/01/2014 09:45

Brought him home yesterday and he is already well settled in, lets us pick him up, fell asleep on me etc etc.

It's another poo question I'm afraid Grin He used the litter tray perfectly, within an hour of being home.

Since then, once last night and then once this morning, he squawks loudly, and scoots off to tray and his poo is almost-but-not-quite-diarrhea. I think the squawking is tummy ache. He is v thin, the lady we got him from has had him checked out and we will also take him this week to dp's brother who is (luckily) a vet. (Can't get him on phone this morning to discuss poo though!)

Is it his food do you think? He has had a tin of that posh stuff in the little gold tins and a few crunchy biscuits.

What is the best thing I should be feeding him? Last cat just basically ate what we did and left over, and one before that we had to handrear from newborn, so am a bit out of practice!


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Fozzleyplum · 26/01/2014 10:04

I have a similar experience with my 18 week old recued brothers; we've had them since they were 10 weeks. I gave them specialist kitten food until last week, but then, after they'd had a taste of fresh fish (I'm a soft touch), they refused to eat the Whiskas kitten food - just licked off the gravy and jelly and left the solids to go dry.

I've tried them with Aldi own brand premium food, and they love it...but I wonder if it's a bit rich for one of them, as he has occasional almost-diarrhoea. I suspect it is the change of food, so I'm going to buy some of the kitten food that doesn't have lumps, even though it's expensive, and alternate it with the adult stuff. I'll keep on giving them the Whiskas dry kitten food, too.

DrankSangriaInThePark · 26/01/2014 10:13

Thanks for answering- that's what I imagined, the excitement of us and gobbling the food then racing round investigating again.

Dp is going off to find some kitten food!

(gah, is like having newborn baby all over again! Grin)

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Fluffycloudland77 · 26/01/2014 10:44

It might be stress as well, it's a lot to take in for them. It usually settles on its own though.

Blueuggboots · 26/01/2014 11:07

My cat was a pedigree and had a really sensitive stomach and often got diarrhoea.
I put her on a "closed formula" diet (science diet) so there was no variety in ingredients so her tummy wasn't upset but constantly changing ingredients. Seemed to help.

Terrortree · 26/01/2014 12:18

Lots of kittens get diarrheoa when they first move house - it's a combination of stress and new food.

If you know what they are on before, then keep buying that and slowly introduce your preferred brand over time.

If you don't they try to stick to one flavour for a period rather than chopping and changing flavours.

The most important thing is to prevent dehydration - so if you can mix the kittie food in a little warm water rather than rely on dry (which requires them to take in more water).

If the diarrheoa is constant that boiled chicken is recommended until things settle down.

But always worth taking them to the vet to make sure that it's not a bug.

DrankSangriaInThePark · 26/01/2014 13:02

Thanks all.

Dp couldn't find any specific kitten food in supermarket (we aren't in UK) so have given him half a tiny tin of what he had last night, until I can get to proper petstore tomorrow.

He also conveniently bought a chicken for us tonight so will give kitty some of that. He has wolfed the food down, had some water and is now snoring on the sofa.

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