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Talk me out of another cat!

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Cybercat · 24/01/2014 13:22

We lost our old cat last week after a long illness (lymphoma). We lost another cat to lymphoma last year and our boy cat was run over too (despite living in the quietest cul de sac). So we've gone from a 4 cat household which I admit was too much to a single cat household. The remaining cat doesn't really care and she's not much of a lap cat but Im really missing a cat on my lap at night. I know theres no guarantee that a new cat woukd be a lap cat either but I'm currently trawling the websites of local rescue centres.

However, I am 6 weeks pregnant (well, after previous mc I hope I'm 6 weeks) and we would like to move house this year although theres no guarantee of that either.

Sense says to wait, new babies and houses are very stressful for cats and it's selfish of me. I really want another though. Talk me out of thus!

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Fluffycloudland77 · 24/01/2014 14:58

Do not get another cat. There, did that help?

Cybercat · 24/01/2014 15:25

I wasnt expecting such bluntness but yes.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 24/01/2014 16:12

Ok get another cat Grin

cozietoesie · 24/01/2014 16:55

Shan't. (Talk you out of it that is.) Just wait until the right one 'appears' for you in some way rather than going out to get any cat to fill a hole - would be my recommendation.

Best of luck.


Cybercat · 24/01/2014 17:40

Thank you. Actually if I did that I wouldn't need to worry so much about knowingly getting another when theres upheaval in the future as it woukd just land in my lap.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 24/01/2014 18:30

It would - and Fate has a way of sorting these things. Just look at this board. timtam lost her old girl but several weeks before that, Dudley turned up in her car's engine. And my Darling Oneago dropped dead one morning at a youngish age - which meant I could give a home a few months later to Seniorboy who couldn't have come to me otherwise and whose future would have been more than a bit dodgy.

And just today. There's Handsome Stanley now just found a home where there was a vacancy and doesn't need to sleep in a bush anymore.

And loads of other stories.

It will work out somehow.


timtam23 · 24/01/2014 22:36

As cosie says, sometimes things just happen, cats turn up when you least expect them...We couldn't turn Dudley away when he was found in our car engine, he had "chosen" us but it was totally the wrong time for a new cat let alone a kitten a few weeks old. I have 2 small children and didn't want to inflict them on a kitten Grin however we couldn't have had a nicer cat if we'd tried, he is just lovely and so affectionate and we cannot imagine being without him now.

See how things go, it is still early days after the death of your 3rd cat, it takes a while to be sad & grieve for them Thanks

Cailleach · 25/01/2014 02:44

Cybercat, I have no idea if you're anywhere near Yorkshire but I currently have a 3-4 month old foster kitten (black) that I'm looking for a home for.

Cybercat · 25/01/2014 07:54

Sorry Cailleach but I'm hours away from you. Thank you for your replies. I'm not one for going out straight away and trying to replace a pet but dropping from 4 to 1'in a year is a huge change and we've always had a menagerie. I'm sure the right cat will find us though!

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