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Advice on indoor cat please

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Regbooboo · 24/01/2014 02:42

I've not had a cat before so am looking for some advice from you cat lovers. My son took on a kitten as the owner was going to abandon it but wasn't really in a position to take the kitten in as his landlord does not allow pets.

I now have the kitten who was born in approx August 2013. I have had him vaccinated and he is booked in to be neutered soon. The vet has confirmed he is well and he loves his food and does let me cuddle him when he's in the mood!

What bothers me is that I live on the first floor of a small one-bedroom flat so he will need to be an indoor kitty all his life. I am in most of the time at the moment but am currently looking for work so he's with me most of the day and night. I have bought him a scratching post and lots of toys. I have also grown him some cat grass to nibble. I do play with him for about 20 mins twice a day but I worry that he will become depressed/bored. When I asked the vet about keeping an indoor cat she said it wasn't ideal and that cats love to roam. Am I being selfish for keeping him ... should I try and find him another owner ... I have become very fond of him since I've had him (about five weeks) and not to be unkind he's not the best looking kitty on the block (seems to have a very small head, long body and strangely curly whiskers) and I don't think he would be as attractive as other kittens if I were to have him rehomed.

What do other owners think ... will/can he be happy always being inside a small flat? Thanks for your advice and patience!

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 24/01/2014 06:03

Well done for saving the kit. Mums often have to pick up the reins after children make these decisions as well.

If you've not had a cat before, you might like to read \link{\this.} You'll see further links (on the left hand side of the article) to keeping a cat indoors.

I've had indoor cats before and they can be fine as long as they receive lots of attention/game playing and have a good environment. It beats the alternative, anyway - so while you could look around for a home which will allow him more ranging, I don't think you're being selfish right now if he's never known anything else. Why not see how it goes for a few weeks while looking around on his behalf?

I think we'll need a picture of him though!

StatisticallyChallenged · 24/01/2014 07:08

I think indoor cats can be totally fine as long as they are well stimulated. We have three just now and they are very settled cats. The only thing that we found was that they like company-it's often recommended to keep indoor cats in pairs.

catameringue · 24/01/2014 13:03

I have 3 indoor cats, one of which was given to me because he lived in a flat and wasn't coping - but he is massive, very very naughty, destructive and boisterous, and very clever. He struggles a little in my house but is getting there. I think a lot of cats are fine inflats, just depends on the type of cat. Another of my cats for instance, spends her entire time sleeping in one of three locations in the house and purrs away the whole time. She would hate being outdoors!

Floralnomad · 24/01/2014 13:08

My mum has an indoor cat ,he seems happy enough .he basically rules the house and has a couple of slaves to fulfill his every whim ,sounds like a good life to me.

teenagetantrums · 24/01/2014 15:10

I have two indoor cats as we live in a flat on third floor, they don't seem to mind being in, they play with each other, ignore all toys in favor of bits of paper. I think they just sleep all day when we are out, they are always in the same place when i come back.

Just watch your widows in the summer, one of mine fell out of ours, i felt terrible, luckily he just had a broken leg could have been worse.

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