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Lord Dustin Hates me , I feel Awful

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CrazyHmissesHerbie · 18/01/2014 21:26

Ok so my cat had 3 kittens just over 9 weeks ago .
One went to my Dsis and one to my Neice as I know they will be cared for and I'm keeping lord Dustin .
Herbie the last kitten went to his new home 2 hours ago and ever since LD has been sat in his bed crying for him while his mum runs round the house looking for Herbie .
I feel dreadful , I have actually cried Sad
Dp thinks I'm mad as I keep telling him to go and get Herbie back which isn't possible as my 13yo neice would be devastated .
I don't know what to do I feel awful

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Fluffycloudland77 · 18/01/2014 21:29

Don't worry too much, they get over it quickly. Ours called for his mum the first night Sad

Heartbreaking while it lasts though.

CrazyHmissesHerbie · 18/01/2014 21:31

Will he be ok with nobody to play with ?

I have 3 big cats but they are usually out or sleeping

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 18/01/2014 21:32

He'll survive.

GentleOtter · 18/01/2014 21:34

Can you try to settle him with a soft toy furry surrogate mum or a piece of sheepskin? Warm milk to make him sleepy.

CrazyHmissesHerbie · 18/01/2014 21:35

I still have his mum and I have put a fluffy monkey in his bed .
I'll try some warm milk

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cozietoesie · 18/01/2014 21:41

Not cow's milk remember, Crazy. It might be bad for him.

He'll be fine by tomorrow morning, it's just a big change that he has to adjust to. Leave him to it if he won't respond to love or games.

CrazyHmissesHerbie · 18/01/2014 21:46

I have a stash of Cat milk as my eldest cat is rather partial to it so will warm some of that up Smile

He has ventured out now and keeps scowling at me Sad

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 18/01/2014 21:48

He's going for the Woe Is Me look. Sounds like he's over it already, really, and is now just milking it (sorry.)


LEMmingaround · 18/01/2014 21:50

Will you be getting your cat speyed now?

CrazyHmissesHerbie · 18/01/2014 22:19

Yes she is booked in for next week Smile

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LEMmingaround · 18/01/2014 22:27


Fluffycloudland77 · 18/01/2014 22:37

In a few weeks mum may well be lashing out at ld because that's how they encourage them to leave home.

CrazyHmissesHerbie · 18/01/2014 22:44

I hope not .

Mum cat has completely changed her personality since she had the kittens , she wouldn't go near anybody and was very nervous , she is the complete opposite now Smile

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