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The litter tray

Preparing for the new arrival

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Teapot74 · 13/01/2014 11:59

So, we have 2 male bengal kittens arriving on Saturday and I have a ton of questions and would appreciate ANY advice!
Have plenty of toys, Huge tree thingy, litter tray radiator bed, carrier.
What cat litter should I use?
Would they sleep in a bed on the floor or will they just be up in the tree thingy?
They come litter trained but what do I do to make sure this continues?
Any tips on the dog introduction? They will be kept in a room that has a solid door and a gate, so they can get out but the dogs can't get in.
The breeder suggested tinfoil on the work surfaces of the kitchen to discourage them?
How do you train kittens if they nip, scratch etc? (obvs know they will!)
Very excited but could def use some advice please :)

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 13/01/2014 19:29

Use the litter the breeders used.

They will continue to use a tray, they just need to know where the tray is.

They will sleep where they like.

Dog intro? No idea. Feel sorry for the dog though.

Never ever use hands as toys, I did that. Tea tree oil takes the sting out of scratches.

Get them neutered ASAP, none of this waiting for them to be six months. My nerves were shattered at 5.5 & I literally rang every vet till I found one who would neuter before 6 months.

Blu tack all the ornaments down & swap real candles for led ones off eBay.

I'm sure you'll fare better than me because you have two who will play together.

Fluffycloudland77 · 18/01/2014 08:56

Is today the day?

Sparklingbrook · 18/01/2014 08:57

Envy We will need pictures.

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