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The litter tray

Are my kittens ready to go to their forever home ?

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CrazyHneedsSleep · 10/01/2014 14:54

Ok so my cat had 3 little boy kittens 8 weeks ago, They are eating wet & dry food and anything not nailed down & drinking water & the odd bit of cat milk .
My problem is they still have milk from the mum before they go to sleep (I've watched and its always at the same time everyday & then they sleep)
So I'm just wondering if they are ok to go early next week or if they need another week or two ?

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clara26 · 10/01/2014 15:01

It's up to you but my cats have always gone at around 8 weeks. They'll keep feeding for a while if they are kept together. As long as they drink water and eat solids they'll be fine Grin

LaurieFairyCake · 10/01/2014 15:02

Envy I want one!

You're so lucky.

TheProsAndConsOfHitchhiking · 10/01/2014 15:03

We can not possibly say fur sure unless we have pics! Grin

CrazyHneedsSleep · 10/01/2014 16:17

I'll try and stick some pics on my profile as can't put them up in this topic iyswim Smile

Well the last lot of kittens from a foster cat I had stayed with me until they were 14 weeks so was unsure

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CrazyHneedsSleep · 10/01/2014 16:30

Hhmmm MN isn't cooperating so I can't upload any pics

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GerundTheBehemoth · 10/01/2014 16:30

I agree that they should be fine, and that we need photos Grin

I'm fostering a mum cat and one of her kittens at the moment and he still occasionally tries to feed from her, even though he's nearly seven months old. There's no milk whatsoever but he finds the kneading/sucking actions comforting (until mum cat gets annoyed and bites him).

januarysunsetfire · 10/01/2014 22:21

12 weeks is recommended. But when a pregnant cat who decided to move in with me my cat had kittens, I kept them until 10 weeks. :)

januarysunsetfire · 10/01/2014 22:29

I used to have 'post image' links but they don't seem to be appearing now? Do they only appear in Chat? I want to show you all my kittens! Grin

cozietoesie · 10/01/2014 22:41

Post the pics to your profile, january. That should do it eventually. Smile (From what Crazy says, the site is not being cooperative at the moment.)


How is their tray use and washing?

Lonecatwithkitten · 10/01/2014 23:01

They are at the parasitic sage as long as the milk bar is available they will drink from it. The only thing that will stop them from using the milk bar is to take it away.
Things to bear in mind if you are going to keep them beyond 8 weeks you need to do a lot of work socialising them with wide variety of experiences. Plus you need to keep close tabs on Mum's body weight. If you have not kept her in then there is a reasonable chance she is pregnant again.

cozietoesie · 10/01/2014 23:04

Even when you think you've kept them in, Lone, they can be downright sneaky!

CrazyHneedsSleep · 11/01/2014 11:37

They are fully litter trained and groom themselves though they don't get much chance to groom with my other 3 cats doing it for them much to their annoyance Grin

OP posts:
TheCatThatSmiled · 11/01/2014 11:44

I got mine current 2 girls at 13 weeks . Staying with their mum & siblings gives them more time to become socialised. (More affection, better behaved) as they learn how to be a cat, from other cats. They also need lots of gentle careful handling and playing with their human minions :)

cozietoesie · 11/01/2014 11:50

Personally, I'd wait until 10 weeks and give them lots of play and socialization in the interim. It sounds from your OP though as if you just may have a home(s) lined up? If so, and given how difficult it can be to find homes for kits at the moment, I'd take the opportunity if the prospective owners are good and will do the job themselves.

(And ignore their current use of the milk bar. It's just habit and they don't actually need it if they're eating and drinking water themselves.)

CrazyHneedsSleep · 11/01/2014 12:10

Yeah Cozie I have got homes for them which is why I was asking Smile

They are alot bigger than your average 8 week old kittens as well as the vet I took them to was convinced they were around 12 weeks with the size of them so maybe it will do them good to stop having milk

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