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Cat driving me mad at night!!!

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Charotte31 · 30/12/2013 08:00

Everytime he comes back from the cattery he spend the first few night really needed. Up snd down off our bed all night making so much noise and opens my DDs door and wakes her up.
He always seems fine when I pick him up and in the days his fine it's just night. This time it's been even worse. I don't know what to do with him?!

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tribpot · 30/12/2013 08:13

Heh heh heh. Well what he wants you to do is not take him to the cattery again. I dread to think what mine would do as punishment if I attempted it.

Was this a longer stay than normal? I think what he's trying to do is reestablish the pack. I think my cat recognises my bed as the place where the pack nests (helpfully ds assists by coming in at night as well so I often have both of them sprawled out on the bed at night) and so she will meow much more loudly and frequently than normal when she jumps up on the bed, I think to announce her arrival at the nest.

I kind of think you just need to put up with this, he's unsettled because he was taken out of his home and his territory. Next time you go away, could someone come in and feed him instead?

cozietoesie · 30/12/2013 08:14

Why are you sending him to a cattery so much? Sounds as if he's upset and anxious.

DowntonTrout · 30/12/2013 08:20

We have a cat flap and someone comes in twice a day to feed our cats. The cattery was too stressful for one of them.

Also because we have two, they are company for each other and so they don't miss us too much. They are just happier on their own territory.

Charotte31 · 30/12/2013 10:04

I'm not taking him "so much" maybe twice a year. He does seem happy there when I pick him up. Very happy and relaxed and alway goes in fine, rubs round the woman's legs when I drop him off. It just the nights when he get home. The days he is his normal self.
I did get someone in to feed him for a weekend last year but he seemed really stressed when we got home so didn't try that again.

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