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An I wrong in thinking that if you are a cat slave, part if your slave responsibility is to take them to the vets when they are ill?

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17leftfeet · 29/12/2013 14:59

My cat is on 3 medications and a special diet for a bacterial bladder infection

Dd has just told my ex and I've just been told I should have watched and waited and I'm a mug for putting him on a vet prescribed diet and I'm wasting money on a moggy

Well he might be a moggy but he's my moggy and I didn't want to see him in pain and unable to go to the loo

After 2 days of treatment he's much better, not completely but he's obviously much more comfortable but apparently that proves the point that I should have waited it out

Please tell me I did the right thing and I'm not a total mug

OP posts:
AmberLeaf · 29/12/2013 15:01

I'm not a veterinary expert, but I agree that it is part of your responsibility as a cat slave to look after their health.

I don't think you are a mug, your ex however...

LastingLight · 29/12/2013 15:04

Of course it's your responsibility to keep them healthy and happy. My old boy is on 3 different medications for chronic renal failure, as well as a special diet. I get raised eyebrows sometimes, but so what.

17leftfeet · 29/12/2013 15:05

Well he's a cock, I know that but he did make me wonder if I'd panicked a bit but I'd rather spend the money abuse the credit card than have them not well

OP posts:
Lonecatwithkitten · 29/12/2013 16:37

So you wisely took your cat to the vet on Friday regular working day and got prompt treatment - we don't hand out meds like dolly mixtures.
Is he suggesting you watched and waiting till today, a Sunday and ended up paying out of hours fees and probably needed more medication?

cozietoesie · 29/12/2013 16:47

Quite so. You did the right thing. I'd post on the Relationships Board about this one if I were you. That's the crux of the matter, I suspect.

17leftfeet · 29/12/2013 17:17

No point posting on relationships -I've already LTB!

The vets were really good, I rang them and we were seen within half an hour, they asked me to drop a urine sample in in Saturday morning and I had results and antibiotics by lunch time

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 29/12/2013 17:27

You've got a DD together though. That makes for continuance.

The vet practice sounds great. (Much like my own.)

volvocowgirl · 29/12/2013 18:01

You did the right thing :-)

Brussel · 29/12/2013 18:08

OP you did the right thing - my cat had something similar and the vet told me it can deteriorate very quickly and put the cat's life at risk.
I bet if your ex had a bladder infection or urethral blockage, he'd be off to the GP pretty quickly.

JonSnowKnowsNothing · 29/12/2013 18:10

Ugh. You'll never convince people like this. I had to take ginger boy to the vet just before Christmas for d and v. It was £40 I could ill afford but the vet was lovely and the medication sorted him right out.
My mum scoffed and said I'd wasted my money....she has no clue. Who in their right mind gets a pet, loves it, then watches it suffer for the sake of a few quid?

Fluffycloudland77 · 29/12/2013 18:18

Just tell him to fuck off if he says anything to you.

I find it a marvellous way of ending conversations I don't want to have.

SilverApples · 29/12/2013 18:23

You kept your cat instead of your ex.
How very sensible of you, excellent judgement shown there. Wine Wine

Lweji · 29/12/2013 18:26

Urinary problems can lead to death. You did the right thing.

Arudonto · 29/12/2013 22:31

your a responsible pet owner :) urinary infections can cause death esp in male cats as they are often seen with urinary stones and this can cause blockages. you were definitely right to bring the cat to a vet.

not to mention it is cruelty to leave the poor creature without treatment when it is sick and uncomfortable.

so many poor cats have a hard life treated as pets that do not deserve to have their pain and illness treated. Its always good to hear about the owners who care .

mind you im probley a bad person to talk to about cats they upset me at the the run up to Christmas I ended putting more than half a dozen kittens from seperate litters to sleep as they had the likes of the cat flu and none of the rescues could take in the poor little mites.all because people couldnt be responsible and neuter the cats or take responsibility for the kittens..and no one who brought the sick kittens to the vet were able to take them on. I hate that part of the job but at least the little creatures arent suffering now.

so well done on being a good and responsible owner who cares about their pet.i just wish more people were like you.

minnisota · 01/01/2014 12:00

Def the right thing to do. Someone I know had to have their male cat pts as she didn't know it was an emergency.
my 20 year is on 4 tablets a day. kidneys, steroids for ? stroke, blood pressure and prevention for cystitis. luckily he doesn't mind having tablets. he's doing ok considering, but he wouldn't be here without them.

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