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The litter tray

Why would cat suddenly wee on sofa?

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GummiBear74 · 20/12/2013 22:22

My 10 year old neutered boy cat has just randomly weed on the sofa we have in the kitchen. He often sleeps on there in the evenings - the other two come into the living room and sit with us, but he's never been a lap cat and is a bit less sociable.

Luckily it's a futon sofa bed and the mattress is really old and was going to be replaced soon anyway. Could there perhaps be some kind of smell about the mattress that has made him do this, or should I be worried that he has a health issue of some sort? He seems perfectly fine apart from this one incident.

Any advice would be gratefully received - I'm a bit worried about him, but also concerned that it'll happen again with the new mattress.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 20/12/2013 22:25

Sounds as if he's maybe unhappy with the other two cats being around. What are relationships like between them all?

Oh - and what are your current littering arrangements (no of trays etc.)

FayKnights · 20/12/2013 22:26

We've got a Bengal boy about the same age and he peed all over my bed recently, I took him to the vet as he's normally very clean and it turned out to be a urine infection. He was prescribed antibiotics and was fine within 24 hours.

Trubloff · 20/12/2013 22:33

What Fay said. Sounds like a urinary infection. Our old lady cat did this when she had a UTI and she always used her tray otherwise. Antibiotics sorted it out very quickly and she never did it again.

GummiBear74 · 20/12/2013 22:39

Ooh, thanks, some good suggestions already.

They have no litter tray at the minute (cat flap access to outdoors though) because I'm pregnant. So he could be making a statement about the weather and the lack of facilities.

He has also had urine infections in the past, but not for many years. It could still be a possibility - he's going to the vet on Tuesday for his jabs, so I'll keep an eye on him till then.

I don't think it's a problem with the other two - they've lived together for 10 years. They're not best of friends, but there are no serious issues.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 20/12/2013 22:45

Could be an infection then - maybe phone the vet tomorrow morning and check whether they'll want eg a urine sample beforehand to test? (It's just that things are going to go woogly with Xmas - presumably his Tuesday appointment is one of the last for a few days - and if the vet is close enough for you to drop by and get the needful from one of the nurses tomorrow then that might speed things up. Just a thought.)

I'd get a litter tray out as well given the lousy weather though. And don't get the new futon mattress until you've got to the bottom of this.

Trubloff · 20/12/2013 22:56

It might be worth thinking about getting a litter tray. Although 10 isn't that old for a cat, it is late middle age and they do start to seek more home comforts as they get older, and of course they might not necessarily have the bladder control that they had as youngsters. Which may explain why he was caught short perhaps?

I've had lots of lovely cats but only one was ever happy to just do her business outside. All the others have always come back in to use the tray!

GummiBear74 · 20/12/2013 23:03

DH is putting a litter tray in for them right now! And the vet is only round the corner and open on Saturday mornings, so it won't be a problem to check with them as well.

Thanks again for your help Thanks

OP posts:
Trubloff · 20/12/2013 23:14

I hope it's just a temporary thing and he's back to his normal self very soon, poor boy x

ChanelTunel · 20/12/2013 23:14

The only time one of mine did this,he had an infection,requiring antibiotics.

cozietoesie · 20/12/2013 23:22

Ah that's good, Gummi. I'd nip in then and get what you need to get a urine sample - and maybe even time collecting the urine so that you can take it in on - say - Monday for testing. That way, they can determine if he has an infection before you arrive.

(Why do they always get ill at night, at 13.00 on Saturdays or on public holidays?)

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