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The litter tray

Why has my cat started weeing on the doormat?

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woozlebear · 19/12/2013 16:32

7yo naughty tortie has in last 3 months taken to occasionally weeing on our doormat. No history of such behaviour in 2 + years we have had her (rescue cat). We did move house in August and she was not herself for a few weeks after that. The first accident happened about a month after we moved, when she was already back to her usual self, although I imagine it's nonetheless the trigger.

I haven't really kept track, but seems to happen maybe once a month. sometimes a few instances clustered together, but then a long gap again. When we catch her actually in the act we hold her nose in it, tell her no, then plonk her in her litter tray.

I understand that cats sometimes mess in entrance ways, to mark territory, but the strange thing is that although it's the front door, we barely actually use it and come and go through the back door (which she never messes), so wouldn't expect her to associate it as being an entrance, really. We've bought a new mat since the first time, in case smells from old owner were upsetting her. We also put a think washable one on top which gets changed and washed every time it happens. We spray it with feliway, and have a plug in as well.

It's so strange as she's such an easy going cat (well, she's a violent tortie terror, but not easily upset by much). She seems happy in new house and nothing seems to be upsetting her. Can't think of anything that could be. It's particularly odd as she's usually so well litter trained that she comes in from the garden to go to the loo!!

Any ideas of causes? What should I do?

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 19/12/2013 17:04

There's no point holding her nose in it, if they wee in inappropriate places its usually something we are doing wrong.

How often are you cleaning her tray?
Do you use a litter she likes?
Do you avoid using disinfectants in the tray?
Do you use bleach on the door mat? Bleach attracts cats to wee there again. Unless you use it to clean a tray. Then it puts them right off Hmm
Do you have more than one tray? Some cats like two trays.

thecatneuterer · 19/12/2013 17:58

It does sound as though something is upsetting her. Fluffy gave good advice.

Definitely don't 'hold her nose in it'. She won't understand and it might upset her.

woozlebear · 20/12/2013 19:18

Thanks for replies. I will stop holding her nose in it- several people told me to do it.

We change litter completely twice a week and scoop out all messes ASAP.
We have always had one litter tray but actually started having two shortly before this started!
Using same litter she had had for ages.
Don't use bleach on mat
Do use disinfectant in tray, but same one have always used no probs.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 20/12/2013 19:24

Have you seen any other cats around outside? (I'm wondering if she's acquired an adversary out there who is making her edgy, maybe by sitting on the front doorstep even, as you rarely use it - with smell and noise drifting in.)

Oh - and does she have a cat flap?

cozietoesie · 20/12/2013 19:30

PS - when was she last vetted?

Fluffycloudland77 · 20/12/2013 19:31

Change the brand of litter, mine will use a litter for months before deciding he hates it and weeing on the wall.

Sophisticat gold ultra clumping (with pleasing talcum powder fragrance Hmm) is the current favourite. Wood pellets, worlds best and silica crystals have been tried and discarded.

Try hot water and washing up liquid to clean the tray, the manufacturers may have changed the formulation of the disinfectant, plus some disinfectants are toxic to cats.

GobbySadcase · 20/12/2013 19:32

My 14 year old started doing this. She's showing signs of FLUTD so has been put on Cystaid which is very effective.

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