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The litter tray

At wits end with 3yo female cat - just can't keep her

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patandjess · 15/12/2013 12:14

Hi all,

I have two cats - one I have had from a kitten who is now 9, lovely cat. The other is 3, I only got her because my other cat's sibling died and I was devastated so wanted to 'replace' her. This new cat (I've had her since a kitten, so 3 years) has never been particularly happy. She is very skittish, races around like a mad thing. Sometimes she seems settled but a lot of the time is very nervous. There are a lot of other cats in the neighbourhood, some Bengalis, which are very aggressive, so I suspect she has a hard time outside. We have three young children, and it's not a massive house, so I appreciate she is probably stressed inside too.

Anyway, in the summer she is ok, but in the winter she poos and wees in the house - on our brand new sofa, in baby's buggy (twice), on bags, anything that's on the floor. We have probably had about half a dozen incidents in the last two winters. I have a litter tray for her at night, but can't have it in the day as I have a crawling baby and nowhere to put it out of his way. She is also aggressive to my other cat.

I know our family is not the right one for her, but how do I get rid of her? The CPL will take her, but they said she will have to go into a foster home first and I can't do that to her as it will be really stressful. They also want her up to date with her jabs (which she's not) AND a donation, which I can't afford (I know it's fair enough for them to ask for that). I just want her to go straight to a loving home, with as little stress as possible.
Sorry this is so long, but does anyone have any thoughts on how I can make her life better, or a kind way to rehome her?

OP posts:
issey6cats · 15/12/2013 13:14

the best thing for her will be CPL as a foster home is excatly that a home with a fosterer and they will asses her personality to find the right home for her, and if you advertise her as home wanted and someone takes her how do you know they are not dog fighting people who will use her as bait, and if she pisses on their carpets if ordinary people you are going to find them back on your doorstep saying the same thing as you, take her back we dont want her, that would unsettle her even more, or they could rehome her to god knows who, seriuosly suck it up pay for the boosters on her jabs find a tenner for the donation and send her to the people who will be best for her

SilverApples · 15/12/2013 13:23

isseys's right, your cat has problems that need assessing and solving before she's ready to be rehomed, and CPL are very good at that.
You worry about her possibly being stressed, but didn't worry about not keeping her jabs up to date? Is she wormed and treated for fleas as well, and neutered?
If she goes to a random stranger and causes them trouble, she's likely to be returned or dumped. CPL will care about her.

TheToysAreALIVEITellThee · 15/12/2013 13:23

Rehome responsibly via the CPL if you care even a little bit about this poor cat.

underthebluemoon · 15/12/2013 13:30

I agree with the other posters. The CPL will have her best interests at heart. I used to foster for them and the cats I helped look after were not stressed by the experience. They can ask for a donation but basically cannot force you to hand over money. If they are genuine cat lovers ( and all CPL people I came across were) they will put your cat's needs before money. Best of luck.

cozietoesie · 15/12/2013 13:30

Is she neutered, patandjess ?

thecatneuterer · 15/12/2013 13:41

If she poos and wees in the house only during the day, when you don't have a litter tray, then the problem could be solved by having a litter tray all the time. Other people with babies seem to manage.

Fluffycloudland77 · 15/12/2013 13:42

If you recieve benefits you may get help from pdsa with the cost of immunising her.

She would need a new course if she's not up to date.

Un-neutered females do go a bit mad

thecatneuterer · 15/12/2013 13:46

I'm guessing she is neutered as the OP says she goes outside. If she weren't she'd have had 6 litters of kittens by now.

cozietoesie · 15/12/2013 13:49

I would have assumed so also - but it would be good to have confirmation.

teenagetantrums · 15/12/2013 15:17

I put the liter tray in the bathroom when i have baby visitors(or my friends puppy who loves to eat cat liitter), with a gate across the door, the cats just jump over.

OneMoreThenNoMore · 15/12/2013 15:32

What about trying one of those litter trays that have a lid, so they look like a cat basket, if you know the ones I mean? That way your dcs wouldn't find it so easy to get their hands in it.

Does she have scratch posts and toys etc to keep her entertained when she's indoors? Not trying to patronise, just wondering if anything else can be done before you have to pay for immunisations etc to rehome her. Smile

patandjess · 15/12/2013 20:45

Thanks for reassurance re. CPL - I was led to believe (by CPL lady) they were in cages while waiting to be rehomed. Yes, she is neutered, wormed and flea'd, the jabs was an oversight on my part when there was some very hard personal stuff going on - I know inexcusable.
I will get a covered tray and see if that helps, but it doesn't solve the fact she is unhappy. I just don't want to put her in a situation where she may be even more unhappy!

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 15/12/2013 20:50

Is she a tortoiseshell?

patandjess · 15/12/2013 20:51

No, shes

OP posts:
patandjess · 15/12/2013 20:51


OP posts:
patandjess · 15/12/2013 20:53

Silly phone! Not tortie.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 15/12/2013 21:06


Our bonkers females have always been torties.

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