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The litter tray

DP is worried about cats and new baby.

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qazxc · 14/12/2013 17:27

We have 2 cats (indoor). I am pg with our first child.
I don't think that the cats will be an issue. One of them is very shy and will probably run for cover if child comes anywhere near, that other one is a big laid back softie.
Once we don't let the child play in the litter tray and keep them out of the baby's bedroom, i don't see any issues.
He worries about hygiene issues, the cats being jealous and hurting the baby, the cats suffocating the baby, etc...
I've pointed out that our friends have children and cats but he says it is different as the cats are outdoor cats so not in the house as much and that "we are all the cats have so they will be jealous when the baby comes".
Does anyone have indoor cats and children? what precautions do you take?

OP posts:
Wolfiefan · 14/12/2013 17:37

Our two did go out but liked their home comforts too!
We decided on our rules before baby came home (eg out of certain rooms) and started to do this before baby's arrival. We didn't lavish huge amounts of extra attention before baby but tried to make time for them after he arrived. (If you treat them like your babies then a baby turns up I suppose they could feel rejected.)
Main issue is with a toddler. Make sure cats can always escape (over a stair gate or up high). Make sure they have a safe bed. Never let child chase or pull tails.
Our (now very elderly lady) cat will go to both kids for a cuddle.
Now if I'd brought home a puppy or kitten I think she'd have annihilated it!

coppertop · 14/12/2013 17:37

I have an indoor cat.

He showed absolutely no interest whatsoever in the new baby. There was no jealousy and no attempts at sleeping on or near her.

The only precautions I've needed to take have been about protecting the cat from the child, eg making sure dd doesn't pull the cat's tail, prod him, or try to pick him up. The litter tray is a covered one and out of the way, and dd has never shown any interest in it.

SecretSantaFix · 14/12/2013 17:46

My mothers cats have put up with a lot from my nephew, who is now three.
Due to my sisters work, my mother looks after him and has since he was a few months old. They love him, but never to the extent that they would lie with him in his cot even as a dwt. Put up with him using them as pillows maybe and yes, he does have a few scars from claws where he pulled their tail/ tried to gouge out their eyes. Never worried about them- served him right as my sister said at the time and he is now very gentle and respectful of all animals.
The only issue is that one likes the basket on the pram too much- she got taken down to the shops once as she was sleeping there.

Fluffycloudland77 · 14/12/2013 19:45


It's a pity more people don't give this much thought to babies and dogs.

It'll be fine, cats just have a bad rep as baby killers. Cats are about their needs, the babies no use to them until weaning when the high chair becomes the place to be at meal times.

Reiltin · 14/12/2013 19:50

The only issue we had with our primarily- indoor cats is that, after a few weeks, they got fed up of being ignored. They were used to all the attention and started pooing places. Once we have them some attention, they stopped and have been fine since, if a bit needy.

cozietoesie · 14/12/2013 20:21

I seem to recall that someone posted fairly recently about a potential incident with a cat deciding to sleep on a baby (for warmth and cuddling) when the baby was just so young that it wouldn't have been able to move easily. That would only be a real temporary thing though and easily solved by keeping the cat out of the baby's bedroom in the early days - as you plan to, OP.

VenusDeWillendorf · 16/12/2013 01:28

My DH was brought up by a Siamese, who acted as a hot water bottle and body guard.
They'd both set off in the silver cross pram and they'd wait outside the shops together (those were the days when you left the pram outside).
Once the cat launched himself at someone who, in his esteemed opinion, was coming a bit too close to my DH (the baby) in the pram.. The cat went from lying down to airborne with claws out at the nosey woman's face, according to mil.

She left them out together happily once she knew that the cat was looking after DH!! HmmGrin

Get a covered litter tray, and keep the cat out of the baby's bedroom if that helps assuage the anxiety, but it's very good for children and babies to have animals around - especially as we live in such sterile environments now, and allergies are on the rise as a results.

Try and find out exactly what your DH's fears are. He may just be fussing about everything and has focused on the cat.

Lonecatwithkitten · 16/12/2013 07:24

Once my DD was 5 months old and there was more danger of her squashing the cat than the cat squashing her my beautiful moggy girl slept with her every night till DD was nearly 9 when the moggy girl died. Then the tail less wonder arrived and she now sleeps with DD.
Basic rules not in the cot till the baby can at least roll, litter trays away from children and worm the cats every 3 months to prevent the spread of toxacara (indoor cats have been shown to have it -long and complex, but they should be wormed).

sashh · 16/12/2013 07:43

I have no direct experience but my friends with babies have had no problems.

boofted · 16/12/2013 09:30

We have 3 indoor cats. Had 2 when both dc were born. There were no problems at all. The litter trays were kept in a cupboard with a cat flap so were out of the way. Now that my dc are older they love cats, and all animals, and the cats love them.

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