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The litter tray

my new foster challenge :)

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issey6cats · 07/12/2013 20:22

today i took charge of two four month old foster girl kittens, one is black and white the other is all black they have come from a house where the dad has alzheimers, the mom cat had four kittens and they kept all four, apparently house is like the ones you see on hoarder programs will need clearing and fumigating, they are not that sociable the black one has come to me for a bit of fuss and is a sweet girl the other one is really timid and has done a fair bit of hissing and spitting but no lashing out, sprayed them with frontline tonight and i have never seen so many fleas head for a cats face in all my life, have been picking them off and drowning them, have indorexed all the front room hopefully the fleas will be gone by tomorrow , by the way names are black one sable and black and white one sadie will try to get pics put up tomorrow

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 07/12/2013 20:27 lashing out......

They'll do fine with you and lots of cuddles.

Are they anaemic? (The number of fleas.)

issey6cats · 07/12/2013 20:32

cozie just had a look at their gums and yes quite pale they seem in quite good body condition considering where they have come from so it looks like they have been well fed just lots of baby fleas and a few adult ones too am going to leave them in the kitchen tonight so my carpet dosent get infested and try to get them to eat plenty tomorrow as they havent eaten much today probably too unsettled miss hissy sweary will get lots of cuddles wether she wants them or not lol

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 07/12/2013 20:34

Full bellies and no itching should ease them a lot. Bet they've got a shed load of worms as well, eh?

cozietoesie · 07/12/2013 20:37

PS - had a thought. Are they tray trained do you know? (I'm thinking that if they live in a 'difficult' house, Mum may have ended up just going anywhere - so they may not be litter trained.)

cozietoesie · 07/12/2013 20:37


issey6cats · 07/12/2013 20:38

will get worm tabs on monday from my vets will put an extra litter tray in the kitchen for them tonight and fingers crossed they will use it hadnt thought about that aspect ooer

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 07/12/2013 20:40

Fingers crossed for you along with positive thoughts about cats being naturally clean animals.

issey6cats · 07/12/2013 20:42

well if they dont vinyl flooring is easy to clean lol

OP posts:
Cailleach · 13/12/2013 22:21

issey sorry I totally missed this one - what with my own kitten-chaos going on!

Hope it's going well and you're not too knackered ;)

issey6cats · 14/12/2013 22:22

hi all well miss hissy spitty has calmed down now the other two have gone back to the rescue and both of them are turning into very sweet loving little girls am going to keep them till after christmas and then look for rehoming them

calleach how are your mob

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 14/12/2013 22:24

Well done issey - I thought you'd win them round. Are they using their trays well?

issey6cats · 14/12/2013 22:27

hi cozie well the first two days they were terrified of the tray tried putting them in it when i caught them squatting and they freaked, but one of the other cats did his business in their tray and i left it wet and the smell gave them the idea that is where to go loo break and now no accidents yeh

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 14/12/2013 22:30

So Mom hadn't trained them, eh? Poor lot. But now? They'll be ready for loving new homes in the New Year I reckon.


issey6cats · 14/12/2013 22:39

yes thats what i was thinking too close to christmas for a new home as they are still slightly nervous and the noise etc and i wont let them go to a home with under fives or a dog as they will be more suited to a quieter home where they can carry on gaining confidence, got a message today from the people who adopted the ferals they have settled in lovely so pleased and miss them cos being little they were so cute

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 14/12/2013 22:45

Nice that they let you know.


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