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How do I stop kitten and cat eating each others food?

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EustaciaVye · 27/11/2013 20:38

12 week old kitten. She has 1 pouch of kitten food in the morning and access to Iams dry kitten food all day.
7 year old cat has access to Iams senior dry food all day.

They get on with each other. yay.

But they keep going for each others food. kitten food is in living room and cat food is in kitchen. It appears to be a crypton factor type of challenge for them to sneak past me and eat each others foods.

How do I stop it? And will the senior food cause harm to the kitten? At what age can kitten go on standard food? If they had the same the novelty might wear off.

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issey6cats · 27/11/2013 21:03

i would start feeding the kitten normal cat food now as the only difference with kitten food is slightly more vitamins,

i have 8 week old feral fosters and 5 month old fosters at the moment and they keep sneaking the big cats food so i give them whiskas simply pouches as small bite pieces, and my lot get the butchers classic

i dont know if the senior food will do them any harm but would be low protien, what i am doing at the moment is letting my lot out of the house, feeding the fosters in the front room and then when they finish feeding my cats in the kitchen with the connecting door closed so the vulture kittens cant get in and pinch the big cats food, and then leaving biscuits in both rooms so that they all see that there is nothing to be gained from nicking each others its the same food.

just out of interest why senior food for a 7 year old my old girl had normal adult till the day she died at 13 years old

EustaciaVye · 27/11/2013 21:27

My 7 year old is a big, lazy boy. He needed to lose weight and so I bought the Iams calorie control food which really helped. He lost half a kilo this year. Anyway last bag I bought senior by mistake so I am using it up Grin

Will get onto standard food for both of them.

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