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Letting him wander - I'm finding it hard!

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YoureAllABunchOfBastards · 24/11/2013 12:51

So, cat has been with us for about two months. He is seven months old, utterly wonderful, chipped, neutered and jabbed, so we have installed a cat flap - one of those microchip ones that only lets him in.

He had a bit of a wander yesterday and then came in. Today he went out at 8.30am and has popped back a few times, but only to see we were still here, then buggered off back out. He had a little stand off with the local Bengal and seemed to hold his own.

DH and I are on hot bricks, though - keep looking to see where he is. Our previous cat was a house cat so we are crap at this. He'll be fine, won't he?

I know, I know, I am being PFB about him. Do love him though.

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SunshineSuperNova · 30/11/2013 14:35

We let new boy out yesterday - I didn't sleep until he came back in the small hours and jumped on our bed. Another one here under the paw :)

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