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The litter tray

Cat keeps doing protest poos

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ShirakawaKaede · 20/11/2013 00:00

Help! Our female cat (we have 3 others, her bro + her now adult kittens) will not "go" outside when it is cold/wet, and so does it on the carpet in the living room. She bolts if we see her about to do it, so knows she's not supposed to.

She also does it if we don't put food down when she wants it/put down a flavour she doesn't fancy that day/we are both out/having a lay-in.

It's a bloody nightmare. I've had to cut bits of the carpet out as the smell will not go, however much it is cleaned. (Can't get rid of carpet altogether as floorboards are rubbish). Have tried Feliway, putting down horrible smelling stuff, foil, etc. Nothing works.

Can anyone help?

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 20/11/2013 00:16

Get a couple of litter trays in - it's clear that she prefers to go inside. Some cats do. There may even be cats out there that frighten her or something.

(I say 'a couple' because you may find that the others prefer to use them as well at times, even though they have outside access.)

issey6cats · 20/11/2013 00:46

definitely litter trays better than cutting your carpet up and cheaper and if you get a decent carpet shampooer to go over the bit where she has gone after you have cleaned the mess up will save you a world of stress, i have one who wees on the hall carpet and the £90 the shampooer cost me from argos is worth every penny as it deep cleans

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday · 20/11/2013 12:36

Defo get several litter trays.
I advise any cat litter that ISN'T eco friendly 'Catolet'. As we bought a huge bag load 2 weeks ago and since then one of my cats has pooed in the shower ..while glaring at me and stalking past her clean litter tray, since.
She prefers to come in for a poo if the weather isn't very nice.

She also wees on the rug..deliberately..glaring at me, if she is unhappy with a meal!

Needless to say I am getting some different litter at the weekend (housebound post op at the mo!)

Olwen33 · 20/11/2013 15:57

My kitten (is she still a kitten at 7 months?) will not go to the loo outside. She is scrupulously clean, almost to the point of obsession - she simply will not go anywhere other than her litter tray. No accidents (so far). And her litter tray had better be clean, dammit - she follows me around miaowing if it's not clean (as in if she's just used it 3 seconds ago and I haven't noticed and leapt to clean it, and she decides she needs to go again right now, which happens more often than you might think). If she's playing outside, she miaows to come in to use her tray. She also isn't spending a huge amount of time outside atm as it's cold/wet, so not surprised that yours doesn't want to do her business outside...

Is getting a litter tray a big deal? I would recommend one of the ones with a lid/swing door - the smell can be worse than DH and unless you're on the ball all the time to pick up the poo, at some point she'll drop a stinker when you're out/busy and you'll find your entire house suddenly reeks of cat poo... I think mine does this on purpose tbh - usually just as we're about to go out, she does a stinker which makes you want to run away, but you know if you don't deal with it immediately, the smell will still be there (matured) when you get home...

catameringue · 20/11/2013 16:39

Litter trays

If you can smell the poo then to the cat it will smell like a toilet and she will keep going.

Have you tried bicarbonate of soda or considered full on carpet cleaning?

Is it one place she is toileting or anywhere on the carpet?

MrsDavidBowie · 20/11/2013 21:31

My cat has suddenly become Pissing Cat in the cold weather...peeing on the bathroom mat instead of outside.
She did it last year when it was cold.

She doesn't have a litter tray...has never had one, and I really don't want one. She is 12..I took her to the vet last year about it and there was no infection. He just said she might just hate the cold or another cat had frightened her.
Really don't want cat pee all over the house. I have now closed the bathroom door so she can't go in there, and tonight she will have to go in the utility room where the cat flap is, not have free access to the house.

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