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Anyone have 2 cats of a similar age that they got at a different time?

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Putitonthelist · 18/11/2013 20:02

I have an 18 month old female, got her at 3 months old. She is wonderful.

I've fell in love with a photo and description of a cat looking for a home on the local RSPCA website - this is some of the write up - "She was emaciated when she was found trying to keep her 5 kittens alive. She is such a happy cat now, knowing food is there when ever she wants it and gets on fabulously with other cats, they all seem to really like her". She is also 18 months old.

Just wondered if anyone has successfully got another cat after having an only cat for a while. Don't want to upset the status quo but there is just something about this cat!

OP posts:
kylesmybaby · 18/11/2013 20:08

Have to say it completely ruined the relationship between bf and his cat. He had mr sox and was so close to it. Very cuddly affectionate cat. When my cat had kittens bf took one of the boys marlo. mr sox has pretty much moved out of the house. He literally comes in for his food and can't wait to get back outside again. We've put a comfy bed type thingy outside now which he spends his time in. It's so sad. They are soo jealous of each other. It definitely was a bad move on bfs part.

Putitonthelist · 18/11/2013 20:14

Thanks kyle that's my worry. Wouldn't want to get her and then have to rehome her again. Have shared on Facebook so hopefully someone else will fall in love with her..............

OP posts:
ChishandFips33 · 18/11/2013 20:26

Ours is a mixed success story! We had cat number one for about a year (she was just a tiny kitten when we got her) when we got another; again a tiny. Cat1 hasn't changed but I wouldn't say they are bosom buddies despite living together tolerating each other for over 10 yrs!

They are very different personalities and every now and again there is a turf war - and daily they lie very close to each other, almost touching! They eat together etc and I secretly think they do love each other (the eldest will fight the other ones battles if needed) - they are just different personalities completely!

I think all in all it's a bit of a lottery!

Putitonthelist · 19/11/2013 11:34

Thanks for the reply Chish Think I've talked myself out of it. Will keep tabs on her and see what happens.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 19/11/2013 17:52

the rescue i work at does not reccomend getting another similar age female if theres one already in residence as females are dominant in a cat household and especially at 18 months there is a possible conflict for top cat spot. poor girl it sounds like she had it bad, but be assured there will be lots of people who will have seen the advert and a story like hers pulls heartstrings and someone will give her a good home

Botanicbaby · 20/11/2013 12:31

hi OP I have had a success story with this but the cats in question were 1 male and 1 female. They had both been the sole cat in their respective homes for a very long time (9+ years) but were able to get on well together when they had to share a home in their later years.

I'm not an expert but have heard that if you're considering an addition to your feline household that it generally works better if the cats are different sexes yet similar in age.

Contrary to what we thought, the large male cat was not the dominant one. Our tiny little female tabby ruled over all in the house, including us obviously Grin.

I'm sure its not unheard of for two females to get along together but really not sure.

Oodyouthinkyouare · 26/11/2013 00:06

I have had great success with my 3 .

I got J at 10 weeks old & then I took 2 kittens in 2 months later as they were abandoned by some heartless bastard they must of been around 10/12 weeks when I got them so pretty similar ages .

They all get on really well , never fight etc & are often found huddled together on the couch

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