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nocturnal kitten

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typoqueen · 16/11/2013 20:23

we got a female kitten along with her daddy from a rescue about 5 weeks ago she was 12 weeks and obviously very skittish and timid at first, I thought she will be ok in a few weeks of settling in, but no she is now 17 weeks and hides up all day only comes out to eat/play and do her business when we have gone to bed, daddy cat is 2 and plays all day and snuggles up all night, but as you can imagine we are trying to sleep and kitty decides waaaay haaay time to play jumping all over us, attacking feet and any other part of us that happens to move, tiny as she is she can thunder up and down the stairs sounding like an elephant all night long and aggravating daddy cat till he swacks her one, she is our first tiny kitty as we have always rescued older cats, is this normal behaviour for a kitten or should we encourage her our to play more during the day??

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Fluffycloudland77 · 16/11/2013 21:13

Well cats are sort of nocturnal, crepuscular I think is the term but most adapt to suit our timetable.

She's still a baby really.

You could try engaging her during the day and seeing if that works. If it doesn't then confine her to one room overnight with all her food, water, toys, litter box etc and let her get on with it.

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