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The litter tray

Cat (?) poking in my garden!!

12 replies

akawisey · 16/11/2013 11:45

I love cats. I have two. But how do I stop a cat (or maybe a fox) from using my front garden as their personal toilet?

Definitely not my two, they're housecats. It's all over the gravel. Anyone else managed to stop it and if so can you tell me how?


OP posts:
gamerchick · 16/11/2013 11:47

Apparently mens wee stops cats from doing their business.

I'm still working on my husband to check though.

akawisey · 16/11/2013 11:47

Not poking - POOING Grin

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 16/11/2013 12:05

Cats usually cover though, sure it's not a fox?

DiamondsAndDust · 16/11/2013 12:12

Really? Men's wee? DH has a job then! lol! My garden's covered in it. I'm well aware that my own two probably do but surely not to the point of how much is in my garden Hmm

thecatneuterer · 16/11/2013 12:39

I think I'd rather put up with cat or fox poo than have a garden full of gravel soaked in men's wee :) And I don't have any suggestions. Sorry.

Megbeth · 16/11/2013 12:54

You need to remove the poo & sprinkle some gel called Get Off My Garden'. It has a citricy smell & repels cats.

leonardofquirm · 16/11/2013 13:00

Cats definitely don't all cover.

Our driveway was a nightmare. We had to look before we stepped out of the car and we don't even have cats. Angry

To be honest, nothing really works. Cats are like the Borg, they adapt. After a few weeks of any smell or ultrasonic thing they just start to ignore it.

If you have time to be a water gun sniper that would work. Don't let them see you though, or they will know its safe when you are away.

We moved house.

catameringue · 16/11/2013 14:56

Gravel = a giant litter tray

somewheresomehow · 16/11/2013 15:19

If its black poo its probably a fox. Our fox does it all over our lawn Hmm

akawisey · 16/11/2013 16:03

Oh thanks all. Well it's def a cat then, it's brown poo not black.

I shall follow Megbeth's advice and get some gel.

OP posts:
typoqueen · 16/11/2013 20:30

sounds more like a cat, dominant cats don't cover up as they like all other cats to know they are in charge of this particular area, the gel works ok also orange or lemon peelings xx

Evenstar · 17/11/2013 12:21

I have this problem on my front garden, I think it is mostly cats perhaps even my own three, but I think someone walks a small dog along the road and allows it to run loose and that was responsible for some of it. Yesterday's contribution was a liquid pool at the end of the path Angry

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