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The litter tray

Cat food dispensers - any good?

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qwertina · 07/11/2013 07:49

We are going on holiday for the first time since getting a cat. We have a couple of retired neighbours who have both offered to feed him, which is great. However, they both get up late - around 10 am. The cat is starving by about 6 - 6.30, when we get up and give him his breakfast.
Does anyone use the automatic dispensers, do they work? Or will the cat be ok fed much later than usual?

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qwertina · 07/11/2013 07:53
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QOD · 07/11/2013 07:55

My cat eats from that. Get one. He might need few days to get used to digging next drop down as it gets a bit stuck sometimes. Then your neighbours just check it and wiggle it

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