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Grieving cat

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leesam · 05/11/2013 23:23

In July we had to have our 18 year old cat Molly moo put to sleep so suddenly as she was fit and healthy .Really broke my heart as she was a huge part of my life was always there unconditionally and still miss her every single day .feels like a big part f me has gone . I have another 18 year old cat Chloe who I had together from kittens ,she has a heart murmur Grade 3 but is a healthy cat who don,t look 18 . Thing is every night at feed time and bed time she is calling out for Molly and leaves food in the bowl for Molly . After a minute or 2 of crying she gets back on the bed and all seems forgotten. But it is every night. Do I adopt another elderly cat from a rescue shelter to keep her from grieving Molly or just let her be. Don't want to upset Chloe or another cat if it don't work out . Any advice would be much appreciated as really don't know what to do. Thanks xx

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 05/11/2013 23:27

She's grieving for her chum, poor girl. I think I'd be giving her extra treats and loads of extra TLC rather than bringing in a new cat. She's very much an older girl and the chances of her getting on with a new cat would be too ...variable.... for me to risk it.

Does she sleep with you all night?

leesam · 05/11/2013 23:37

Yeah she sleeps beside my pillow all night she is an indoor cat who is my baby girl . Just breaks my heart to hear her calling out like that. She is a very spoilt cat who is very much loved . Thanks cozier x

OP posts:
Clobbered · 05/11/2013 23:40

Have you tried changing the feed time routine - maybe a new bowl and in a different location? It might help to break the pattern?

leesam · 05/11/2013 23:44

Hi clobbered ,yeah we did start feeding her upstairs for a while but she still called out.

OP posts:
sashh · 06/11/2013 08:34

I think you will have this now, sorry. I wouldn't try to introduce a new cat to your old lady, I don't think it will stop the calling and could be quite stressful.

I know it is far too late for you, but anyone else who has one cat pts or die, show the body to the other cat(s).

leesam · 06/11/2013 09:30

Hi sash ,we did show Molly to Chloe as the vet said it was the best thing to do for Chloe. She was fine for a couple of weeks but it's like she has forgot she has seen her. Last night she didn't,t call out .

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 06/11/2013 09:36

Maybe shes adjusting a bit. Let's hope.

Loads of extra TLC and treats for her of course.

cozietoesie · 06/11/2013 10:40

Oh - and one small additional thing. Best be quite careful not to mention Molly's name around the house. If Chloe was with her for all those years, the odds are that she'll recognize it and might think that Molly is still around somewhere.

(I know that if I've mentioned the name of The Lodger (who Seniorboy detested) in Seniorboy's hearing, he'll become quite unsettled and suddenly set off round the house to do a grid check and make sure that The Lodger is not in residence - and he wasn't with him for 18 years as your two were.)

Just a thought because it's easy done.

DulcetMoans · 11/11/2013 21:24

Just to jump on their thread as there are some similarities: lost my old boy just over a week ago. We have another cat who is five and I am not sure she is taking it well.

She's incredibly needy now, she just can't leave us alone. Especially me. She was searching around for where he had been and sniffing his bed. I did show her the body, and even left her with it in the room for a little while to help. But she still seems lonely.

This is her first time alone. She always had her brothers or my old boy. Now I am considering whether another cat would help her. Not sure about it quite yet, feels a bit quick, but I want her to be happy.

So, with the slight differences do you think another cat could be good for a sociable five year old suddenly on her own?

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