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Best budget cat food

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MrsCaptainJackSparrow · 30/10/2013 09:13

What's the best budget cat food?

My 3yr old has a pouch of wet food in the morning and at dinner time and biscuits always in a bowl.

She's currently on whiskers biscuits and either whiskers or Felix pounces depending on what's on offer.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 30/10/2013 10:16

i buy butchers classic meat in jelly for my cats from asda £2.78 for six tins its high meat and no cereal

and for a change of flavour i get asda tiger fish in jelly £5 for 12 tins and same no cereal and high fish content

biscuits whiskas is not the best one as its high cereal content

though its more in initial cost purely from pets at home goes down well here its about £3 for a 2kgs bag

i get feline fayre from asda its £2.48 for 2kgs bag in four flavours and good quality ingredients but does have cereal in it

catameringue · 30/10/2013 16:52

You can get good deals on websites like zooplus if you can afford to buy in bulk.

Mogz · 30/10/2013 17:46

Have you got a farm shop near you? One that sells animal feeds should be able to do you pretty good deals on bulk bought food.

ohmymimi · 30/10/2013 21:36

Mine love everything Aldi - just like me.

Branleuse · 31/10/2013 11:28

mine will only eat the asda tiger one. The cat rescue lady told me it was the only thing she could get them to eat

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes · 31/10/2013 11:33

I keep reading about the Butcher's Classic, tried it last week and they would not touch it Sad. Bought a 6 pack as well, so that's going to the foodbank.

Is it just me or is it quite hard to compare what's in all the various brands, they ingredient listings aren't very clear.

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