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The litter tray

Not what I meant by "Is she a good ratter?"

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JollyGolightly · 28/10/2013 22:41

Hello, new to the board. I'm an experienced cat owner but currently flummoxed and revolted by an incident of bizarre behaviour in one of my pets. We have two year old sisters, Minipuss and Tinycat, adopted from the CPL in June. They've settled in well, get on well with the kids, excellent mousers. Most evenings we receive an offering, either freshly dead, or almost dead, which they bring in and openly share with us - that's fine, it's what cats do. But last night I got into bed and heard a noise from under it, smelt a repugnant odour, and when I investigated found Tinycat guarding the rotting corpse of a rat that had been dead for a long time She must have found it already dead and dragged it in, then hidden with it, which she does not do with her own kills. I've never known a cat to do this - one of the things I hate about dogs is their love of putrefying things and I've always admired cats for being immune to the charms of the long dead. What is going on? Is there something wrong with her (or maybe a Halloween thing!?) I honestly don't think I could cope with this on a regular basis.

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Fluffycloudland77 · 28/10/2013 22:46

One of ours ate a long dead ant covered mouse once, it was in a backyard, hairless and in hot baking sunlight.

No one wanted to move it due to the sheer vileness of it and the tortie saw me go towards it and ate it.

Made me feel ill for ages.

RandomMess · 28/10/2013 22:49

One of ours once spent several hours bringing us a rat complete with mouse trap attached. Neighbours reported that he determinidly dragged it across the gardens, car park etc. to bring it to us

Plus some neighbour was wondering what the hell happened to the mousetrap(S?) they had put out...

JollyGolightly · 28/10/2013 23:35

Randommess, a loved old cat of mine did the same thing, my neighbour came round and told us she had seen him stealing mouse and trap from outside her kitchen door where she'd put it to deal with later. It wasn't off though.

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