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My neighbour won't stop feeding my cat

28 replies

BigPawsBrown · 27/10/2013 16:46

I have a rescue cat with a sensitive stomach. He is also getting fatter and fatter (he is long and tall but he is almost a stone!!).

A few months ago he started disappearing for long stretches and was off his food.

I had a text from someone last night to say he was there sheltering from the rain (got the number from his collar) and he goes there all day every day. Today she tells me he has had roast chicken and Dreamies. Vet has been on my case for months about weight loss and diabetes so I sent a text to this effect. She is now saying they don't give him treats that often but tbh he comes home (less and less often and) stuffed. The neighbours do not even have cats so they bought the Dreamies for him I guess.

Feel like they are exposing him to health risks and trying to steal him away. I could just cry

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 27/10/2013 16:53

If you've already texted them to no avail, I think you'll need to actually talk to them. People are daft about feeding cats who really have homes - particularly when they get some of the manipulative blighters that are going around. My lot have always done a neat line in batting the baby blues and making like they haven't been fed for a week. And that's with me!

BigPawsBrown · 27/10/2013 17:04

I think I need to go round there. He doesn't know he is eating himself into morbid obesity!

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 27/10/2013 17:09

Well it purely isn't healthy - and can lead to all sorts of complications. But many people just don't see that. I sometimes wonder whether some people really know what a fit and correct weight cat or dog should actually look like.

BigPawsBrown · 29/10/2013 19:31

I went to see them today, and I wrote about it here:

They are trying to steal him ShockHmmConfused

OP posts:
DevilsRoulette · 29/10/2013 19:36

Might be wise to keep him in for a while.

And tell them to stop trying to steal your cat.

As bluntly as that!

Fluffycloudland77 · 29/10/2013 19:38

I'd keep him in too. What is wrong with people?

cozietoesie · 29/10/2013 19:39

Catgate Revisited.

YokoUhOh · 29/10/2013 19:49

Our neighbour stole our cat. She said, 'you're baby people, we're cat people' like that justified it. I'd echo the 'keep him indoors' advice.

BigPawsBrown · 29/10/2013 19:55

Is it mean to keep him in?

I luffs him so much

OP posts:
DevilsRoulette · 29/10/2013 19:56

No, it's not mean. It's sensible.

Cats don't have to go out. My mum has 2 that never do and they are as happy as larry.

creepypenisreaper · 29/10/2013 19:58

OP, just read your blog post. Why didn't you tell them to get their own fucking cat? putting it politely

creepypenisreaper · 29/10/2013 20:00

I'd keep him in JUST to annoy the neighbours. If they have any beef with it then tough. People just love to get their mitts on what doesn't belong to them.

AutumnStar · 29/10/2013 20:01


The bastards. Yes, keep him in for a bit. The weather is shite anyway. He's beautiful, by the way. Looks like my ginger girl.

BigPawsBrown · 29/10/2013 20:02

I did - they're in rented accommo, so not cats allowed except mine?

He cries ALL THE TIME if I keep him in. Literally all day Hmm

OP posts:
creepypenisreaper · 29/10/2013 20:02

Who do they think they are, 'buying in' a swing and a mouse? I would say to them 'If that is his swing, then you might as well give it to me as he won't be coming round here any more.'

DevilsRoulette · 29/10/2013 20:10

Have you microchipped him?

If not, I suggest you do.

And, tbh, it would be better to put up with the moaning in the short term. You need to keep him indoors for a bit - not talking the rest of his life Grin - but until you make the neighbours understand that he is your cat, not theirs.

Well, insofar as a cat can belong to anyone.

truth be told, they willl happily walk out on you without a backward glance and never think of you again if they get a better offer. Loyal they are not. Grin

I have both lost cats Sad and gained one this way.

I moved into her house and she refused to shift. Grin

Fluffycloudland77 · 29/10/2013 20:15

Look at it this way, he's getting fat so if he carrys on going to their house he will at risk of long term health problems.

Could you distract him? Lots of toys eg ping pong balls, chase the string play, laser pointers etc?.

He is a properly beautiful ginger Tom so I can see why they'd make a fuss of him but it should stop there. I fuss the neighbours cats but I wouldn't try and pinch them.

cozietoesie · 29/10/2013 20:21

I'm actually quite cool with any neighbour cats. Not mean or uncaring but they wouldn't be allowed in the house and they're not made a big deal of. Not that we have many left these days.

cozietoesie · 29/10/2013 20:22

Oh - and yes. If he's not chipped yet, get it done directly.

bundaberg · 29/10/2013 20:24

i would absolutely keep him inside for as long as you possibly can.

bundaberg · 29/10/2013 20:27

keep him in AND give him better food

BigPawsBrown · 29/10/2013 23:52

Ok, he's grounded!

OP posts:

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cozietoesie · 30/10/2013 00:30

And if the neighbours come to ask where he is, just tell them frankly that the vet was worried about his weight and possible diabetes so you need to keep him in to ensure that people don't feed him more than is good for him.

Rockinhippy · 30/10/2013 00:35

Glad you are keeping them in - they are beyond cheeky thieving gits Hmm & it's not only theft, but if they are feeding in him in a way that will harm in & they now know that

I would be putting a strongly worded recorded letter in the post to them too, no pussy footing Grin around - tell them in no,uncertain terms that

"Benny is your cat & as a rescue cat that is easily proven - tell them that you consider their actions as attempted theft & that they are also putting Benny at risk of serious harm as a result of their insisting on feeding him inappropriate food for a cat with his health problems & that you will be expecting them to cover any resulting vets bills if they do not stop with immediate effect & will consult with solicitor & the police if they continue"

I've been in pretty much exactly this situation when I was younger - & my snotty neighbour decided that we didn't look suitable owners for my pedigree chinchilla Persian & was doing pretty much exactly the same thing - I was young & punk in dress, hair etc - apparently we couldn't afford to feed her so I should be grateful she was taking her off my hands Hmm - I owned a successful business, so she was way off the mark & making bigoted presumptions Angry - I spoke to the Police in the end, who surprised me by taking it seriously & going round & having a word with the neighbour & letting her know it was theft & that she was harming my cat by feeding it, she tried to tell them it was her cat - barking mad - the police had already seen my cats papers so knew she was lying - kept the cat in for a week & no more trouble after that :)

SIL had the same trouble - after the 3rd chat with their own thieving neighbours for feeding & putting collars on their cat - they sent a solicitors letter - that worked too

Heavy handed, but it was unfortunately needed

Good luck, I hate people like your neighbour

YesterdayI · 30/10/2013 00:41

He is a beautiful cat. Does the vets have any leaflets on cat obesity that you could take around along with copies of some vet bills to prove that his health is in serious danger if he gets over fed?

Some people are a bit stupid and need it spelling out.

Also, is there anyway to stop him going to that neighbours as easily - could you block off his access on that side of the garden or something?

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