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Do you rate Iams?

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Notfootball · 27/10/2013 08:04

After reading about bladder crystals caused by cheaper dry food, I have changed to Iams proactive health kitten & junior food for my young kittens.

Is this actually any good or have I been taken in by the higher price tag?
Is it a complete meal or should my kittens still be getting wet food as a main and if so, which one?

My vet just pushes what they have at the practice and I've heard they just get a healthy commission for this.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 27/10/2013 08:34

The only things that put me off are;

  1. It contains cereals, cats don't need cereals but maize is very cheap compared to meat.

  2. I've read reports that say iams test on animals eg starving cats to the point of near-death then feeding obesity, inflicting damage to the kidneys under surgery to test the renal foods. One undercover activist was supposedly told if he wasn't sure if an animal was dead or alive to kick it.

    I think I read that on one of my BUAV newsletters.

    But others will have different opinions.
ScaryNutellaFangs · 27/10/2013 08:42

I use the pets at home complete dried stuff for my two. They used to have Iams but were starting to refuse it. I find the PaH stuff to be less "powdery", and they have fresh water available all the time.

Lonecatwithkitten · 27/10/2013 09:46

First myth to bust vets make no more money on a selling a bag of food than a pet shop does often much less. There is no 'special' commission structure for vets.
Personally I have recently switch my cats to the Arden Grange Salmon and Potato to get rid of the cereals. Really pleased with it as it smells really salmons.

issey6cats · 27/10/2013 12:22

like fluffycloudland i wont buy iams since it came to light the horrific experiments on cats that iams in america were doing so i dont know if it warrants the price tag, i have found that from PAH there is a range called purely that my cats like they didnt like their own brand, or james wellbeloved gopes down well i give mine feline fayre from asda dry they love it and butchers classic meat for tinned as no cereal and high meat content

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