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The litter tray


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sarahshaw10 · 26/10/2013 04:51

how do you know if your cats pregnant, how long do they stay pregnant for???

OP posts:
Lonecatwithkitten · 26/10/2013 08:07

Average pregnancy is 63 days.

Bakingtins · 26/10/2013 08:14

If you have an entire female older than 5-6 months with outdoor access, if she isn't pregnant now, she soon will be.
Take her to the vet, they will often be able to tell from feeling her abdomen from about 4 weeks into the 9 weeks of pregnancy. If she is in early pregnancy you have the option of getting her spayed. If she's not yet pregnant you can get her spayed and save her being raped by the local manky tom cat.

Fluffycloudland77 · 26/10/2013 08:26

They look like they've eaten a beer keg in later stages, her nipples might get more prominent.

Is it your cat or a stray?

sarahshaw10 · 26/10/2013 09:45

hi it is my cat.

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 26/10/2013 11:33

So what's the story? How old is she? Why isn't she neutered?

sarahshaw10 · 26/10/2013 15:09

she's a house cat, but my father let her out with my other cat (male neautured) and think she got caught.

OP posts:
DiaryOfAWimpyMum · 26/10/2013 15:13

Nipples will pink up approx 3 weeks after mating pregnancy lasts 60-69 days - if she is young she may struggle with giving birth or she may be okay with a cardboard box to nest in

sarahshaw10 · 26/10/2013 15:19

thank you diaryofwimpymum, she is just over one. we were in holiday, there's someone in all the time so will be keeping a very close eye on her x

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 26/10/2013 15:27

If I were you I'd take her in to be neutered now and aborted if necessary. If it's not completely obvious that she's pregnant it will be fine to do it now.

House cats HAVE to be neutered. Unneutered female housecats become neurotic and often end up extremely aggressive and attack their owners. Also of course they will do anything to get out.

I know abortion isn't a nice thought, but she's obviously not that far gone and there just aren't any spare homes around. All rescues are full. Even if you manage to find homes for the kittens then you are using up homes that the rescues could have used.

It's also a lot for a cat to go through and it takes it out of them, and then they become very distressed when their kittens are taken away. So for her sake, and for the sake of cats in general, take her to the vets this week.

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