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Why does my cat bite my husband's hair?

13 replies

Iwantanelephant · 25/10/2013 20:34

He is about 2 years old, the cat, not my husbandGrin, and we have had him about 5 months. He has done it a few times and also bitten my hair twice. Seems very random Confused.

OP posts:
TwoStepsBeyond · 25/10/2013 20:45

My cat loved licking DP's hair, I presume it just smelled nice or like another cat and she wanted to groom him!

Iwantanelephant · 25/10/2013 21:22

But he bites my husband, no grooming going on there!

OP posts:
defineme · 25/10/2013 21:24

kitten bites my dd's hair- would like to know why too!

Doinmummy · 25/10/2013 21:27

Yep got a hair chewing cat here too. She also likes licking ears. Eeew

CinderToffee · 25/10/2013 21:46

Our cat does this. She likes to sit round DH's shoulders, and sometimes then takes the opportunity to chew his hair. It's odd - I don't know why she does it!

issey6cats · 25/10/2013 21:54

my half siamese does this when i wont give him attention hes weird

Lovethesea · 25/10/2013 23:32

Frustrated hair dresser?

catameringue · 26/10/2013 00:09

Mine goes for unwashed hair. Starts off as nuzzling. Then your scalp gets bitten.

Terrortree · 26/10/2013 00:16

Mind does it if she wants attention. In the morning, I get a thorough head tug.

Cute but not at 6am.

Cremolafoam · 26/10/2013 00:21

Ours does this to dh too! Proper licking of his bald head. It means she's hungry. She doesn't do it to me, but every morning she does it to get him to wake up normally 10 minutes or so before the alarm goes. Smile
Very insistent and I know he's getting pissed off with itWink

Fluffycloudland77 · 26/10/2013 08:24

With some cats it's a sign of love/affection.

She luffs him.

volvocowgirl · 26/10/2013 23:39

My half Siamese also does this if she's not getting attention, especially if I'm having a lie in and haven't got up at 7am to feed her!

sashh · 27/10/2013 09:43

mine does this if my hair is wet.

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