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Getting a new kitten!

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CockyMcChicken · 24/10/2013 20:37

We have a male cat (neutered) who is the most loving, affectionate cat but we are now getting a female kitten to hopefully keep him company.

What is the best way to introduce them? I really hope they get along. Oscar is very tolerant of our children, not sure what he will be like with a kitten annoying him though!

OP posts:
issey6cats · 24/10/2013 22:38

there are two ways either keep the kitten in a seperate room for a few days with longer periods of coming out of the room, with swopping blankets between them so both get used to the smell of each other,

feeding them together but at seperate ends of the room and gradually putting the bowls nearer to each other,

or there is the issey method in which i plonk the newcomer in the middle of the room let the others meet and just keep an eye so the bigger one dosent hurt the littler one and give the resi cat an out if they are not happy but then again i foster kittens so my horrible mob are used to kittens coming in and just give me a look as if to say ere we go again, how long till the intruders go back to that nice place that rehomes them

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