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cat covered in bites and scabs...

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dementedma · 21/10/2013 21:26

He is a neutered tom but loves a good scrap with the neighbourhood moggies. He has a lot of bites around his neck and jaw, and a bald patch on one leg. He seems happy enough but should I take him to vet or just leave him be.
If I scratch his itchy scabby bits he becomes a drooling wreck Grin

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 21/10/2013 21:43

mines covered in scabs around his ears too. Do you have a massive B&W Tom? Maybe your cat is my cats new nemesis.

dementedma · 21/10/2013 21:52

No he's a massive stripey tabby with a white bib. The stupidest, softest, cuddliest boy ever at home but seems to be some sort of pyscho cat once he gets outside!

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 21/10/2013 22:01

Nope that doesn't match the description of any of the cats fluffy cat has scrapped with here.

Long haired ginger cat who looks like he's been de-matted
Black cat
Little black cat
Old tabby
Long haired tabby
Ginger cat next door
Small tortie next door
Other small tortie who doesn't live next door.
Calico long hair
White with black markings
THE B&W cat

I don't know, if they seem ok it's probably nothing to worry about. Is he licking the leg bald? That sounds like a vets trip.

mineofuselessinformation · 21/10/2013 22:08

Mine is the same - seemingly a big coward,,but comes home with slightly shredded ears and scabs on face and neck. Bloody idiot!

dementedma · 21/10/2013 22:10

Lol. You would know him if you saw him. Beautiful markings and mahoosive. Biggest cat we've ever had. The bald leg is a new thing. Looks almost as if it had been shaved in a very small patch. There is a wet looking wound in the bald patch. I will keep an eye on it I think. He is currently upside down on my lap, legs and arms akimbo having his furry white tummy scratched. Scary, much?

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 21/10/2013 22:15

No one believes us that fluffycat is a love bug either Sad.

Saltwater might help.

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