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eyebrows & noisy

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paneer · 27/09/2013 23:05

When cheesycat came to live with us (from a truely wonderful shelter), she was slender, quiet and had none of that eye brow whisker thing going on. It was only at the end of May.

This miss meow-ey and weight gain I get. But the eyebrow whiskers??

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cozietoesie · 27/09/2013 23:22

How old is she?

paneer · 29/09/2013 21:53

around 2. cannot believe the eyebrow situation.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 29/09/2013 22:01

Only a youngster then. It sounds to me as if, with some good food, care, and coming into full adulthood she's growing into herself. Many mature cats have exceptional whiskers.

I think we need a photo to judge properly though.


paneer · 30/09/2013 23:41

will put one on tomorrow Grin

have añother question..

I don't let her out at night. just been downstairs as she was hissing and screeching. not the first time. I have a big glass door in the kitchen and another neighbourhood cat keeps coming at sitting by the back door and she is getting cross. it ran off when I put the Garden light on and stood by the patio door looking at it.

I don't want to let her out at night because I don't want her scrapping. but this other cat is obviously on her patch. what should I do?

OP posts:
Catmint · 01/10/2013 21:34

Love the thread title!

Sorry I have nothing constructive to add.

cozietoesie · 01/10/2013 21:50

You're quite right to restrict her to the house at night. Not much you can do about the other cat, I think, apart from trying to scare it off by going outside yourself. Shall the windows be covered by pulled curtains shortly as winter approaches ? (Bad weather can sometimes be useful.)

catameringue · 01/10/2013 22:26

My female cat has hilarious eyebrow whiskers, she looks like an old man! I think it makes them look cute.

According to that bbc horizon programme about cats, this other cat might claim your garden as his at night, and your cat has daytime rights over it.
I'm a fan of the hose/watergun in any case.

paneer · 01/10/2013 22:44

I have a water bottle filled with water ready... although I don't know how I can open the back door and squirt the other cat without my animal running out. Its a sliding patio door so no curtains. seriously thinking of sticking some newspaper over the door. it is almost as if the other cat is deliberately taunting her.

until cheesy came to live with me in May I never realised how many of them there are in pur neighbourhood.

OP posts:
paneer · 01/10/2013 22:46

I love my cat. never had a pet before but I really love her.
she of course treats me like a feeder and a human slave and gives me the look when I have to walk around her when she is sleeping in the middle of the landing Hmm

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 01/10/2013 22:56

Difficult. Is the other cat seeking shelter by your door? I realize that the weather may not be that bad with you but sometimes cats like to sit in a place that's out of the wind but still has good vantage so that they can see what's going on. (Or is near a source of small prey - do you have a lawn in front of the kitchen?)

I guess I'm wondering if you could make the direct outside less hospitable without impeding your use and egress.

paneer · 01/10/2013 23:02

its not sheltered at all, is a fairly large patio. other cat also sometimes sits by the cat flap which is on a side wall which has a pebble floor and not comfy at all.

don't think it is a stray either. think its a cat from a few doors up.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 01/10/2013 23:17

Ho hum. I noticed that you said it moved if you put the light on and watched it so it's probably using it as a sitting and watching position, maybe to keep an eye out for mice or something. (It would be made more attractive if it was relatively dark and Othercat could sit out of the way/in the shadow.)

Having that bit lit would stop it being so attractive - the cat would be bathed in light and the garden would be in shadow so it might just feel a little vulnerable. If you can bear it, I'd try leaving the light on for a few hours each night and see what happens.

Bad weather might be your saviour on this.

GerundTheBehemoth · 02/10/2013 10:49

Re the eyebrow whiskers, they do moult and regrow like other hairs. The last cat I fostered (who went by the unfortunately twee name of Mittens) was black and white, mostly black, and had a few white eyebrow whiskers. Sometimes they moulted at more or less the same side, leaving her brow-less for a while. There were also spells when she had eyebrow whiskers on one side only, at which time she became known as 'Monobrow Mittens'.

paneer · 02/10/2013 12:41

love Monobrow Mittens

cozie, no othercat last night, but you're right. if it starts up again all the time, am going to put the light on in the garden.

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