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I think my lovely old boy has had a stroke?

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LaurieFairyCake · 26/09/2013 22:56

He's twitching his head and has one eye shut and is apathetic. He's 16.

It says that there's nothing really to be done in reading on the Internet but that they can recover. I don't really want to take him to the vet tonight as they won't do anything and it might distress him (he's insured, it's not money) - if I take him tomorrow they will only confirm a stroke with an MRI but it just says to keep him hydrated, there's no treatment apart from anti emetics - he's not sick though.

Anyone think I should do anything ? Sad

I'm just lying next to him right now, he's not purring and he always purrs next to me

OP posts:
Lonecatwithkitten · 26/09/2013 23:00

There are quite a few things we do give cats with strokes and to be totally honest his symptoms don't totally fit with a stroke. I would suggest his is seen tonight.

cozietoesie · 26/09/2013 23:01

Why not give the OOH vet a phone to discuss?

LaurieFairyCake · 26/09/2013 23:04

I've just called them and they're not picking up, probably dealing with an emergency - I've left my number.

You have to tell them you're coming too and not just turn up but I really don't want to drive him for 30 minutes.

I hope they call back.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 26/09/2013 23:08


In the meantime, keep things even and calm, move slowly and let him lie peacefully as best you can.

Putting on a radio/music or the telly on low volume would be no bad thing. The sound would be coming from the same place and would act as white noise for sudden noises of any sort.

Have you got a light coverlet to partially put over him if he's not too hot?

LaurieFairyCake · 26/09/2013 23:14

We're lying in the dark on the bed, dh and the dog are asleep and I've put one of the other cats out the bedroom as he kept going over to him.

He's asleep on the duvet with the electric blanket on underneath.

He just purred at me when I touched him so I know he knows I'm here - I wasn't sure earlier than he knew I was here.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 26/09/2013 23:23

That's better then. The coverlet was mainly as a comfort thing - if they're not too mobile, they sometimes quite like having their hind quarters and lower back covered to prevent drafts. Is his head still twitching if you can see anything with the lights out?

timtam23 · 27/09/2013 21:56

Laurie sorry to read this, I hope your old boy is ok

LaurieFairyCake · 27/09/2013 22:57

I took him to the vets this morning ( he was brighter after an hour or so) and they think he had some kind of neurological episode - maybe stroke, maybe a fit .

They just said to look after him and wait for another. His weight, temperature, hydration and eating all still fine.

They said they could do blood tests for kidney problems but there's no point as all the cats are on a renal diet so there's no treatment. And it could be heart disease ( like my dog, that caused his fit) but again there's nothing to do really.

Vet said if it happened a few times or caused him problems with gait etc then I'd have to consider euthanasia - he also said it could be a one off.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 27/09/2013 23:03

Cats can recover extremely well from small strokes. Best keep to a close routine and do your best to ensure that his environment is calm and peaceful. He could surprise you.

I'm glad he's brighter anyway.

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