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Cat Eaten Mesh from around Pork Chops

18 replies

JerseySpud · 21/09/2013 19:32


I thought my eversohelpful Hubby had put the elastic mesh from around our pork chops in the bin 2 nights ago.

Well the cat just puked one up. I don't know how many of them he's eaten but hes also got the shits as well. I just had to shower his back side because he hadn't cleaned there and stank to high heaven.

I need to call the vets really don't i :( Poor kitty.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 21/09/2013 19:41

Yes - I think I would if he may have eaten more and hasn't passed them. Having the shits might just also be connected to having something stuck in his innards.

Best of luck.

JerseySpud · 21/09/2013 19:45

Thanks :)

Just waiting to hear back from the vets. I love my cat but he is the stupidest animal i have ever owned

OP posts:
jezzasjockstrap · 21/09/2013 20:06

My old girl ate a strand of tinsel once.
She didn't come to any harm other than producing a series of festive poos.

cozietoesie · 21/09/2013 20:13

And that's often the way of it. Just - not always.

The two day gap, and the shitting, would suggest at least a discussion with the vet to me. Just in case.

JerseySpud · 21/09/2013 21:09

Hi guys, i've just been to the vets as they wanted to see him

He has a high temperature but his gut seems ok when she felt it. He is to be starved over night and then fed chicken and rice diet tomorow. If he vomits again then he has to go straight back in to be xrayed and then if there is more in his stomach, operated on :(

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 21/09/2013 21:11

All the best to him and let us know how he does. Is he a young or older chap?

JerseySpud · 21/09/2013 21:16

Hes 18 months old :)
Hes a half maine coon so at the moment he won't stop telling me off lol

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 21/09/2013 21:18

Young and daft, eh? I hope this is a lesson to him.

JerseySpud · 21/09/2013 21:24

I hope so. He's always been a bit of a thieving bugger since we had him. he was the runt and didnt get much food (and had fleas and worms when we had him. also was told he was a the shock of our lives when a month later he rolled over and had balls). so he now eats whatever he sees.

OP posts:
ZebraOwl · 21/09/2013 22:56

Will keep my fingers crossed that JerseyCat will be ok & not need an op - and that he learns from the experience. And that your husband gets better at putting things in the bin, for that matter!

cozietoesie · 21/09/2013 23:06

Yes indeed - it sounds as if JerseyCat is a lost cause so husband training is probably in order.

JerseySpud · 21/09/2013 23:13

I think you ladies are right

At the moment JerseyCat (i do like that!) is currently sat in an amazon box on top of the tumble drier giving me the evil. I don't think he took too kindly to the vet sticking a thermometer up his arse.

JerseyCat is almost a rescue cat. If we hadn't had him they were going to ship him off to the animal shelter. 2 days after i collected him i was checking his litter and found long worms in it and he was crawling in fleas :(

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 21/09/2013 23:17

Poor wee lad. I do hope they neutered Mum afterwards?

cozietoesie · 22/09/2013 12:01

How is he doing?

JerseySpud · 22/09/2013 12:13

No they didn't neuter the mum, when JC was 4 months old she was pregnant again. After that litter they put her up for rehoming.

I was raging.

At the moment he is stuffing his face with the chicken i cooked for him. So we we are just waiting to see now if that stays down :)

Thanks for thinking of us x

OP posts:
ZebraOwl · 22/09/2013 12:20

I have to say that I don't think it is unreasonable of JerseyCat (sounds slightly as though he should have a fabulous collection of jumpers, doesn't it... actually, he could have a whole clothing line...) to be unhappy about the thermometer business. Hopefully the memory of it might serve as a deterrent next time he's tempted to eat something he shouldn't! Mindless Optimism & all that...

Pauvre Jerseycat having such a tough start. My two were mercifully free from fleas/worms/Other Nasties when I got them (to the surprise & delight of the vet) but there were plenty of emotional issues to deal with, notably the bit where they were utterly unused to humans...

Let us know how things go, won't you - good luck with the Husband Training, too Smile

cozietoesie · 22/09/2013 12:39

Poor Mum. Let's hope she found herself with more responsible people eventually.

Glad that JC seems to be doing OK. Best not to let hm pig too much chicken too quickly if his innards are delicate - or he could be sick simply from wolfing down too much too fast.

Hope he continues to improve - and that his diarrhoea has stopped.

JerseySpud · 22/09/2013 14:25

He's eaten the chicken and is now somewhere in the house having a kip. Most likely in with DD2 whilst she has her nap. No puke yet.

I think the husband training will be as pointless as JC training as i actually think i would be more likely to train JC than i would the husband!

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