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The litter tray

Cat litter

18 replies

gingeme · 20/09/2013 17:33

We are getting two kittens in a couple of weeks and was wondering how effective sawdust is to use in the litter tray ? We have had cats before and always used litter but wondered what sawdust was like x

OP posts:
GetStuffezd · 20/09/2013 17:36

Not sure about actual sawdust but I would envisage it getting everywhere. Wood pellet litter is great, IMO. I only use that.

PlentyOfPubeGardens · 20/09/2013 17:38

We use the wood pellet cat litter which turns to sawdust when it's been pissed on a bit. It absorbs smells and moisture better than any other litter I've tried.

Not sure about actual sawdust though, I'd be concerned it might be from treated wood and not good for them. Also if it's very fine they might inhale it. The pellets don't turn to sawdust until wet so they don't create any dust.

gingeme · 20/09/2013 17:39

Ooh never heard of that. Where would I be able to buy that from ? Does it make the transaction to pooping outside easier ?

OP posts:
PlentyOfPubeGardens · 20/09/2013 17:42

Wilkinson's or Coop sell it. Don't know about transition to outdoors, our's were outdoor cats who have transitioned to indoors because of age.

issey6cats · 20/09/2013 17:47

wood pellets are the best ones as others have said dosent smell, breaks down without sticking to the tray like concrete, asda does a big bag for around £3 thats the one i use dont use sawdust as it will stick to the kittens and trail everywhere they go, and they can ingest it which is not good and it can get in their eyes

gingeme · 20/09/2013 17:49

Thankyou I shall go to Wilkos tommorrow Smile

OP posts:
PlentyOfPubeGardens · 20/09/2013 17:51

Good luck with the kittens. Put some pics up when they arive Smile

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile · 20/09/2013 17:53

My cats go outside but I'm keeping them using the litter tray because I used to hate it when other people's cats crapped in my garden

I use silica (?) crystals - Tigerino from zooplus - they're about £3.50 a bag which lasts a week & a bit with my 2 (1 of them drinks & wees a lot)

The good thing about the crystals is that they absorb the wee & stay dry on the outside - you stir it up every time you take the poo out, they don't mind going in it, it doesn't really smell & it doesn't seem to stick to their paws or get scattered (tray is covered)

TheWinterOne · 20/09/2013 18:39

I use Catsan and I find it pretty good. But I have heard wonders on the pellets too. Wilkinsons do a big bag of it very cheaply.

thecatneuterer · 20/09/2013 19:48

I wouldn't use sawdust - I think it's too dusty. I'm definitely a fan of the wood based litter like this
(incidentally 30 litres is a humungous bag)

GetStuffezd · 20/09/2013 20:19

Yes, the pellet stuff is available anywhere really. And it's cheap! Now mine go outside the litter try remains pretty much untouched except when they want to prove a point
Can't wait to see the pictures!

BerylStreep · 21/09/2013 21:52

I use Pettex clean paws - clumping litter.

It is pricey, but worth it, because you only remove the soiled stuff.

gingeme · 22/09/2013 09:05

Thankyou everyone. The kittens are here and are setteling well. I have bought some of the pellet stuff and it's brilliant Grin I shall post pics as soon as I get near a pc xx

OP posts:
LamaDrama · 22/09/2013 15:16

I use Tesco Value Litter, I've tried so many. Its great.

GetStuffezd · 22/09/2013 15:30

Lama, do you not find with the value stuff that it goes solid in the bottom and you kind of have to chisel it out?

LamaDrama · 22/09/2013 15:59

I put newspaper in the bottom, so its a bit heavy when I empty it, but maybe Im so used to it i don't realise.

GetStuffezd · 22/09/2013 16:05

Why the actual HELL didn't I think of that?!

LamaDrama · 22/09/2013 16:14

I empty poo from it every time she does one, with a poo bag.
But I only change the whole thing every 5 days, into a carrier bag, then rinse the tray out.

Never smells in between. But she does only use it at night.

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