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What cat insurance would you recommend?

8 replies

Madratlady · 19/09/2013 20:41

I desperately need to et round to insuring my two cats, obviously I can do a price comparison but is there any insurance which is better than others? I have heard good things about PetPlan but when I was looking for rabbit insurance they seemed pricier than some other providers.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 19/09/2013 22:17

Can't help you on this one, Madrat, because Seniorboy was too old to insure when I got him. I'm sure other posters will have views though.

LondonNinja · 19/09/2013 22:19

I had Petplan for my rabbit - it was very good and easy to use.

itsnothingoriginal · 19/09/2013 22:42

We went with Tesco as they offer the life cover too. Our vet told us to go with either Petplan or the supermarkets as they've had problems with others paying out.

HarrietSchulenberg · 19/09/2013 22:47

My 16/17-ish year old is insured with Tesco as it's about the only place that will take him. Sainsburys did a quote but it was too expensive.

In the past I've used Animal Friends but I dipped out for a couple of years and when I tried to go back they didn't offer a new quote as my furry chum was too old for their online categories.

Definitely worth it - I would have paid a fortune when the cat's tail had to be amputated (after several rescue attempts), and he now has kidney disease which would have cost me £1750 in diagnostic costs alone.

CatOfTheDay · 19/09/2013 23:35

Make sure you get either lifetime cover or a decent maximum benefit policy, or you won't be covered for long term or recurring illnesses.

Our elderly cat is with Sainsbury's (expensive now due to her age, but we've claimed loads!) and the others are with Morethan as they do good deals on multiple cats.

PoppyWearer · 20/09/2013 05:34

We have Morethan and they paid out very quickly for our old boy-cat's care when he died but was at the vet for a few days beforehand. They weren't especially tactful when I phoned to cancel his policy though - seemed a bit surprised until I talked them through why a dead cat no longer needed insurance. Grin

They do also call lots to try to sell other forms of insurance, but I just ignore the calls now.

fluffydressinggown · 20/09/2013 12:39

We have PetPlan, it was recommended to us and it has life cover which is important.

TheWinterOne · 20/09/2013 18:48

I have my two with Pet Plan and they're life covered. I actually find them quite reasonable for the pair.

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