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Young cat has turned up and won't leave our garden

8 replies

BerylStreep · 19/09/2013 08:34

I cam home from work yesterday to find a young black and white cat in the driveway, enthusiastically greeting me like I was her owner.

Quite tiny, probably about 6 months old, no collar, and the most confident and affectionate cat I have ever encountered.

Anyway, she is still there in the garden, curled up asleep on the table.

I have phoned the local vet and will phone the cats protection league later, but it seems she has pretty much decided she wants this to be her new home.

Unfortunately my 2 Burmese aren't as thrilled by her charm. The mummy cat in particular did a bit of growling and hissing through the window, and her poor kitten caught the brunt of her anger.

The cat must be starving, but I don't really want to encourage her.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 19/09/2013 09:22

Do you think you could catch her (maybe with a food bribe) so that you could put her in a carrier? Does she look ill-fed? (I was thinking that the 'small' you mentioned could just be her age.)

thecatneuterer · 19/09/2013 12:51

Even if you don't keep her please at least encourage her enough to keep her coming to you until you are able to get a charity to take her. And the most important thing is to make sure she (if she is a she) is spayed. Can you get her to the vet to check? (they would need to shave her side to look for a scar) and if not then if you can afford it perhaps you could just get it done, and if not contact CP again to the RSPCA to see if they can help with the cost via their voucher schemes.

Fluffycloudland77 · 19/09/2013 13:24

I'd feed her, she might be hungry and thirsty. Sad

Sparklingbrook · 19/09/2013 13:31

I would try and catch her to get her to the vet and check for a microchip.

BerylStreep · 19/09/2013 17:06

Thanks for the replies.

I fed her this morning before I left for work (I couldn't not feed her).

No sign of her this afternoon. My two Burmese have just got out and are furiously sniffing the table she was sleeping on.

If she turns up again I will bring her to the vet to see if she is chipped and spayed. (At least I think it is a she - either that or male who has been neutered - I didn't want to look too closely).

OP posts:
Mabelface · 19/09/2013 17:15

Which area are you in? Our little black and white lodger cat has gone walkabout and we're worried about her. She's an adult, just small.

BerylStreep · 19/09/2013 20:19

Madlizzy - in NI.

OP posts:
Mabelface · 19/09/2013 23:22

nowhere near x

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