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Moving House - Twice.

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WhoNickedMyName · 18/09/2013 11:17

We are moving into a rented house for 4 months until our new place is built… So what do we do with the cat?

I’ve been told that when we move into the rental home, I need to keep him indoors for two weeks and then he can go out. When we move in to the new place, four months later, I should do the same again – keep him in a few weeks before I let him out.

But then someone else told me that while we are in the rental home for 4 months I should keep him indoors the whole time.

He loves being outside, although at the moment he never actually leaves our garden. If I do let him out in the rental house will he be all confused and disoriented? I’m scared that he’ll get lost Sad.

Any advice anyone please?

OP posts:
Mogz · 18/09/2013 12:16

If you want to let him out then yes you'll need to keep him in for about 10-14 days so he knows where home is. Do NOT simply let him waltz out the door as he'll be disorientated and could get lost. When you do let him out make sure his collar has your details on and his microchip is up to date, if he has one.
We moved twice in 7 months, keeping our cats in for 10 days each time and they settled fine, but we were in very rural settings with no busy roads and not too many neighbours to contend with. Plus ours howl and yowl bloody murder if they're not let out so keeping them in for longer was out of the question.
Given the weather is being so horrid at the moment over most of the UK it might simply be easier to keep him in while you're at the rented house. Depends on how much you want to change litter trays and keep him occupied I suppose!
Good lick with your house moves, and with kitty.

thecatneuterer · 18/09/2013 13:28

We (Celia Hammonds) recommend keeping cats in for three weeks. As for whether or not you let him at all while you're in rented really depends on how safe you feel it is regarding roads and such. There's no reason you shouldn't let him out after three weeks, but given it will be winter, and you will be moving again soon, you could possibly consider keeping him in until the next move.

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