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My cats are not normal

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MissStrawberry · 17/09/2013 21:43

This morning there were 3 worms waiting on the kitchen floor courtesy of the cats.
10 minutes ago boy cat had a baby slug hanging out of his mouth and just now he has brought in another worm. Ergh.

DH has given them biscuits...

A few weeks ago GirlCat brought in a frog..

OP posts:
Lonecatwithkitten · 17/09/2013 22:05

Ahhhh don't talk me about frogs I have spent all summer finding dessicated bodies left through out the house!

Fluffycloudland77 · 17/09/2013 22:17

One of ours used to scavenge bins for pork chop bones.

He was a Persian. Least likely looking bin scavenger ever.

Wolfiefan · 17/09/2013 22:25

Desiccated frogs are crunchy. Live ones squeak!
Spiders are hard to eat without getting the legs caught outside your mouth.
Toads are fun to release in the house.
Moths are great to catch. (Wait for humans to switch on lights, sit at back patio door and slam them up against the glass.)
Dead things make great gifts.

All cats are bonkers unique!

MissStrawberry · 18/09/2013 14:00

It was a live one..

We have had to rescue 2 butterflies from GirlCat's mouth but at least they were still alive.

OP posts:
Lemonylemon · 20/09/2013 15:43


We've had a couple of frogs, loads of worms, field mice and a bird.... I can't leave my bedroom without my slippers on in case I tread on a "present".

BerylStreep · 21/09/2013 21:49

I used to have a cat who caught earthworms. They really were quite revolting. She was very prolific.

That and all the blood spatters over the ceiling from mortally injured birds that had been brought in through the cat flap.

She was a good mouser too. Quite apart from the fact that I didn't have mice - she soon found them and brought them in.

barmybunting · 22/09/2013 09:25

Spiders are a perfectly acceptable reason to wake everyone up at 4am!

Our boy is obsessed with chicken feathers and brings them home every day from different neighbour's gardens. I live in fear of the day he tries to look at a live chicken!

Me23 · 22/09/2013 09:51

Out cat brought in a (not for long) live pidgeon through the cat flap last week! (Shudder)

He loves eating spiders and carrying mice around in his mouth.

thesixteenthtry · 22/09/2013 21:30

A friend lives quite near the river and one night they were woken by a terrific row downstairs. Their cat was trying to get through the cat flap, backwards, with a live duck.

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