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Our old cat keeps bringing up his food... Help!

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maidmarian2012 · 17/09/2013 09:29

DP and I are a bit worried about our neutered male cat ages approximately 13. He is fit and well, bright eyed and busy tailed and will dash around the garden like a kitten.
He is a very fussy eater and just lately he has settled upon Kitekat wet food with a bit of Go-cat senior biscuits too. I would estimate he has about 3/4 of a can of wet food and a handful of the Go-Cat.
He keeps emptying his stomach of it all, I just cant understand it. He has had Kitekat literally hundreds of times in the past and all sorts of other brands and this has happened with a few of them.
I personally suspect I am giving him too much of the biscuits and it is expanding in his tummy and making him vomit. But I can't be sure.
Last night, he had his tea about 5pm/6pm and at 12am midnight he made 5 huge piles of sick in the hallway, it was just undigested food.
He always has access to clean water and is fully vaccinated etc.
He is a very dear pet to us and we are worried about him. Trip to the vets maybe?
Any stories or advice would be most appreciated. x

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maidmarian2012 · 17/09/2013 09:32

bushy tailed :) not busy tailed Grin

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cozietoesie · 17/09/2013 09:36

Vets I think, maidmarian - just in case he has a complaint eg an obstruction of some sort in his innards.

The occasional sick goes with the territory but that which you describe isn't normal.

Let us know how he gets on.

thecatneuterer · 17/09/2013 09:43

A couple of times a week is quite normal in my experience - particularly with dry biscuits it seems. If it's every day and certainly if it's a few times every day then you need to see a vet.

maidmarian2012 · 17/09/2013 11:12

Many thanks everyone. I've just caught him doing his business in a giant planter full of compost in my garden (I suppose it looks like a giant litter tray!) and it was not diarrhea. He has had his breakfast at 8am today, just the wet food, no biscuits and he hasn't been sick.
He's currently snoozing in his our bedroom.
Bless him, he's such an old fusspot and we love him. May give vets a ring if he throws up so voluminously again.

Thanks for replies Thanks

Will be back later x

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