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The litter tray

Eau de Cat

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TheWinterOne · 16/09/2013 14:50

I have two cats but my girl is rotten. I mean not just a bad smell but she stinks the whole house out. You can smell it from upstairs when she uses the downstairs tray. I've tried that litter stuff you sprinkle over to make it smell a bit nicer but no go. Air freshener is used quite a lot through the rooms of the house bar by their food bowls and water.

Trying to have a nice relaxing bath last night and the bugger decided to use the upstairs tray instead of downstairs.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 16/09/2013 16:31

lol one of my darlings waits till ive just settled down with my dinner and then uses the tray which i only have at the moment because i have foster kits, so i either have to eat through the stink or put my dinner down and hope the furry vulture bunch dont steal it while i pput the tray outside till i can deal with it cats love getting thier revenge on you

TheWinterOne · 16/09/2013 18:41

Oh there's definitely some plotting going on somewhere. Middle of the night is bad when your fast asleep and the stench wakes you up with a vengeance. Oh and she seems to wait until about 5 minutes before we're due visitors.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 16/09/2013 20:23

cats are very good at embarrasing thier slaves, not as good as cairn terriers though when we were selling our house when we had said terrier he waited till the prospective buyers opened the back door to look at the back garden and promptly sat down for a dump, exit left prospective buyers never to be seen again

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