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Cooked chicken

5 replies

Italiangreyhound · 15/09/2013 14:46

Is roast chicken OK for a cat to eat? As a treat? No bones.

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thecatneuterer · 15/09/2013 14:48

Absolutely. They'll be thrilled

SilverApples · 15/09/2013 14:49

Our cat gets a small portion whenever anyone here eats; chicken, salmon, whitefish, trout...he's not keen on pork or beef. Unseasoned, just plain.

SilverApples · 15/09/2013 14:50

Oh, make sure you put it in his regular food dish though, rather than blurring the lines between people food and cat food.

TheWinterOne · 15/09/2013 14:58

Yes, ours have a weekly treat of a bit of roast chicken in their bowls when making dinner.

Italiangreyhound · 15/09/2013 15:37

fab, thanks

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