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I think we're going to have to rehome one of our cats.

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2Old2BeABluePeterPresenter · 12/09/2013 20:55


Long story, sorry.

9 months after DS1 was born our cats, sisters, had a massive fight, claws, teeth, pee up the wall it was horrific. They missed DS1 by 6 inches. It was terrifying. Since then we have tried everything, slowly reintroducing, cat prozac, felliway, keeping them separated by a stair gate so they could see each other but not get at each other. They still hate each other and cannot be trusted.

We're going to go to the vets one last time, does anyone have any suggestions. I love my cats but having to keep the apart for over 3 years is really upsetting for DH and I. :(

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issey6cats · 12/09/2013 22:10

if they still hate each other after three years i would say that you have tried everything and while i would say dont rehome i think in this case it would be a good idea to get the one you are going to rehome on every waiting list for local rescues, but be prepared to maybe wait up to 6-8 months before you get near to the top of a waiting list as all the rescues are up to their necks in moms and kittens at this time of year, one other thing that other people have suggested is zyklene i havent used it but i think you get it from the vets and put it in the drinking water its supposed to calm them down,

2Old2BeABluePeterPresenter · 13/09/2013 07:09

They've been on Clomicalm which is similar but tablet form so much fun given them a tablet each day not I think if the vet can't suggest anything we're going to have to look for a new home for one of them. They lived together fine for 5 years! :(

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