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Am I mad I get a Bengal kitten? Would a Siberian be better?

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adifferentwoman · 12/09/2013 11:24

Have been allergic to cats for ages but am desperate to give one a lively home. Visited a Bengal breeder and my allergies seem ok. However the more research I do into this breed, I'm getting freaked by their supposed behaviour! Given that after the next 6 months both DH and I will be at work all day it's been suggested that we get two to keep each other company. Will this be twice the chaos?!
Are siberians any less crazy? Are they better on their own?

OP posts:
blueberryboybait · 12/09/2013 11:28

We have 2 bengals, they are polar opposites of each other one quiet family lap cat and one neurotic one who tolerates us because we feed her, she is also VERY vocal and talks loudly a lot. When the on dies the noisy one went a bit mad and only calmed when we bought a kitten to keep her company. She is now much happier and loves her kitten, I would never get just one.

Lonecatwithkitten · 12/09/2013 13:35

Never meet a Siberian. Have meet a lot of bengals nearly all of them are very full on cats. They can be very assertive over their opinions particularly when declining veterinary attention. A lot of them are very avid hunters. They don't settle to be indoor cats they latest story I have is one who managed to climb the wall and across a slopped ceiling and out of a velux window!
I think they are beautiful, but my nurses would never ever forgive me if I got one.

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